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5 Best Desert Safaris Around The World You Should Visit In Your Lifetime

If you think, only mountains, beaches, and lush green forests are capable of magnetizing tourists, then you need to think twice. Even deserts allure tourists and catch them in good number. You are going to fall for the glittering golden sands of the charming deserts. Desert safaris are an imperative element of the deserts. Just imagine yourself in a jeep/car driving through the stack of golden sands, and then riding a camel, sounds exciting no? The whole world offers numerous desert safaris, the best ones are picked up for you.

Source: Best Desert Safaris Around The World You Should Visit In Your Lifetime | CEOWORLD magazine


10 Most Photogenic Deserts In The United States

When we hear the word desert, we immediately think of sand dunes, cacti, tumbleweeds rolling by, and very little water. While this is somewhat of a true representation of deserts, there is more to these beautiful landscapes than just that. In fact, many cities and towns have settled in desert areas throughout the world, making the harsh landscape home.

Deserts offer their own form of beauty as well, with stunning cliffs carved out by the wind and sand, breathtaking mountain ranges, and beautifully-unique plant life. Throughout the United States, there are four major desert ranges – the Mojave Desert, the Chihuahuan Desert, the Sonoran Desert, and the Great Basin Desert. All of these desert ranges have various cities settled throughout them, and they all offer spectacular scenery. Here are 10 of the most photogenic deserts in the United States. Continue at Source: The 10 Most Photogenic Deserts In The United States

10 Must-Visit Deserts in The Americas

The Americas are a vast region, covering many ecosystems and comprising of many flora and fauna… some found nowhere else in the world. From the northernmost point of the United States, to the southernmost of South America, we delve in to what is found in between these two points to bring you 10 of the must-visit deserts throughout the region.

Over time, nature has taken its course, meaning some cities have had no choice but to be abandoned or moved somewhere else. There is no telling what will happen in the future, so add these natural wonders to your bucket list and check them out before it’s too late! Continue at Source: 10 Must-Visit Deserts in The Americas

8 stunningly beautiful deserts you probably haven’t heard of

These little-known deserts around the world are hiding some of the most majestic and otherworldly landscapes and experiences

When you imagine a desert, visions of Morocco or Egypt probably come to mind. Or maybe the regions surrounding Dubai and the great American West.

From Australia to China to Canada, you will be amazed by how far and wide these little-known deserts reach. Here, surprising destinations with otherworldly pretty deserts. Continue at Source: 8 stunningly beautiful deserts you probably haven’t heard of

11 Best Gelato Shops in Rome

If you didn’t get a cup or cone, did you even really visit Italy?

No trip to Rome is complete without a gelato (or ten). And in a city where there’s a gelateria on nearly every corner, it can be tempting to walk into the first one you see. But while most are good, a few are truly great. And you aren’t going to settle for just a “good” bowl of cacio e pepe or a “good” glass of Barolo, so why should “good” gelato be enough when with just a little extra effort could be eating the best gelato of your life. Here, the finest places in the Italian capital for your next gelato fix. Continue at Source: 11 Best Gelato Shops in Rome

Paris food guide: The 7 best Parisian tiramisus

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