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WATCH: China’s Confucius program KICKED OUT of Australian schools

Despite finding no evidence of “actual political influence”, the NSW Department of Education will remove the Confucius program from public schools.

Confucius courses in NSW schools, run by Beijing, staff vetted by Beijing, curriculum controlled by Beijing. Unbelievable and unforgivable. – Shane Nunan, Finley

Source: Is closing the Confucius program a xenophobic reaction?


“FREDO” the N-word for Italians? THE TRUTH HURTS! President Trump Calls CNN Chris Cuomo ‘Fredo’

Cuomo was well within his rights to tell the man off. Threatening violence over this was a huge overreaction, a childish effort to intimidate a nobody, and the N-word equivalency was an even worse overreaction. Why not just call the man an a*****e and an idiot and move on? Cuomo was the only one with something to lose in that situation, and he let himself get baited into a viral-video moment that makes him look like a hothead who leaves himself vulnerable.

Source: Chris Cuomo’s meltdown: Is “Fredo” the N-word for Italians? Update: The truth hurts, Trump tweets

10 things visitors can do in Dubai that they couldn’t a decade ago

Dubai has seen a lot of changes over the last decade — to culture and custom as well as skylines and shorelines. We looks at some of the new possibilities for foreigners.

Champagne corks will be popping among the tourist communities of Dubai with the news that liquor licenses are to be granted to foreign visitors, in a softening of previously strict rules on alcohol consumption.
Under the new terms, non-Muslim visitors can apply for a 30-day license that allows them to purchase alcohol from designated outlets, to be accompanied by a code of conduct note with guidelines on responsible drinking.

Source: 10 things visitors can do in Dubai that they couldn’t a decade ago

Culture of Tipping: Why Australian tourist refuses to tip in USA

Few things really drive home the difference between Australia and the United States as the culture of tipping.

Here, we might fling a few dollars in the direction of someone who really went out of their way to be excellent.

In the US, where service wages are so low tips supplement people’s incomes, leaving gratuities isn’t just appreciated: it’s pretty much mandatory. See more at Source: Why this Aussie traveller refused to tip in the US

15 best bothies in Scotland we want to visit this summer

Instead of splashing out on expensive accommodation for your holiday, why not try a bothy this summer – a shelter left unlocked for adventurous travellers to stay in free of charge.

There are some spectacular bothies dotted across the whole of Scotland – we’ve rounded up some of the best you should visit. See more Source: 15 of Scotland’s best bothies that you need to visit this summer

10 Best Cultural Attractions in Bermuda

Otherworldly caves, epic military forts, nature reserves teeming with life: Bermuda’s got it all.

The cultural fabric of Bermuda is something of a colorful patchwork quilt: There are traditions sewn in from England and the isles of the colonial Caribbean, Portugal and Old World Europe, and even West Africa, from which slaves were brought to Bermuda’s shores in the 18th century. Knit them all together and it becomes its own unique pattern—one with over 400 years of history that’s celebrated across the land like an open-air museum. You can explore centuries-old churches, sprawling green spaces, and historical landmarks that have withstood storms and threats of invasion—all convened, incredibly, on this speck in the middle of the Atlantic. Here, we’ve rounded up the best cultural attractions in Bermuda, and there’s a lot to see—so start planning.