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40 most famous fast food menu items of all time


Few things are more prevalent and more iconic in America than fast food restaurants. Whether or not we want to admit it, a quick meal of burgers, chicken nuggets, french fries and a milkshake is as American as apple pie. And because fast food restaurants are a an essential part of the culture, the signature items at these joints are as well. So we had to ask: What are the most famous fast food menu items of all time?

To determine the most famous fast food menu items of all time, we looked to Nation’s Restaurant News’ list of the top 200 restaurants by sales and pulled out the fast food chains from the top 50. Of course, regional restaurants such as In-n-Out and Shake Shack are also world-famous and have their own distinctive menu items, so we included these cult-favorite places as well. From there, we looked at which menu items are the most sold, most well-regarded and most known from the top chains. The following 40 items have defined fast food, for better or for worse, and we all know and love these dishes. Continue at Source: The most famous fast food menu items of all time


10 Specialty Foods You Can Only Get In Australia

You can find all sorts of fun things to do in Australia, but don’t forget to try some of the regional food as well!

A melting pot of cultures, Australia boasts a cuisine is heavily influenced by the many nations across the world that have migrated and settled on its shores. Here you’ll find dishes paying homage to the country’s British heritage, culinary traditions brought over by Italian and Greek immigrants, and endless options from the nearby countries of Asia. But amongst all that, there are a few iconic treats that are purely Australian which you must try, at least once.

Check out these 10 specialty foods you can only get in the Land Down Under. They’re seriously worth the long flight over! Continue at Source: 10 Specialty Foods You Can Only Get In Australia

19 Tulsa’s best soups, from French onion to Thai

Chowder, stew, bisque and pho: Even though it’s summer, these soups are so good that they can’t be considered seasonal.

The Chicken Fideo Tortilla Soup at Calaveras, 2326 E. Admiral Blvd., is made with vegetables, herbs, chicken and fideo, which is Spanish for noodles. Continue at Source: These are Tulsa’s best soups, from French onion to Thai

7 Best Traditional German Restaurants in Berlin

Sometimes Berlin hardly feels like a German city at all. Case in point: you can’t throw a faux meatball without hitting a vegetarian restaurant, Vietnamese and Turkish eateries are ubiquitous, and there are some very good Italian spots. This is a good thing. But when you want to go super traditional with pork, sausages, and kraut, here are 7 places to pig out in Berlin. Continue at Source: 7 Best Traditional German Restaurants in Berlin

Costco food court vs. IKEA food court: Which is better?

I ate every single item on the menu at the Costco and Ikea food courts. They offered completely different dining experiences.

Costco and Ikea are two warehouses that Americans can count on to help fill their homes and their guts without breaking the bank.

Sure, the American middle class may be in decline, but at least you can always count on a $5.99 plate of Swedish meatballs at Ikea or a $1.50 jumbo hot dog at Costco.

Ikea and Costco are yang and yin, blue and red, foreign and homegrown. So in a battle of the food courts, which will win?

Will it be Costco, the warehouse-store-next-door? Or will it be Ikea, the intriguing Scandinavian warehouse?

Let’s go on a journey through the belly of the warehouse-food-court beasts. There, the truth will become clear. Continue at Source: I ate everything at the Costco and Ikea food courts, and there’s one big reason why you should go to one over the other

12 Best Spanish Restaurants in Miami

Tapas tapas tapas

Everyone knows Miami’s game for good Cuban food, but the Spanish culinary scene is just as vibrant. From casual bites to fine dining, here are Miami’s top Spanish restaurants.

With a blend of Spanish and Argentinian tastes, Rincon Escondido’s modestly sized venue fills up faster than the front of a Wynwood wall. Whether it’s tapas, sandwiches, paella, sangria, or flan, the food at Rincon Escondido earns its following meal after meal. Continue at Source: Miami’s 12 Best Spanish Restaurants