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10 Best LA Spots for crunchy, cheesy beef birria tacos

Where to find this institutional Tijuana-style taco from Los Angeles’s current street food spots

Los Angeles is obsessed with all things Tijuana right now. From carne asada over charcoal to Rosarito-inspired flour tortilla and bean options, the Mexican sister city to the south is on just about everyone’s mind (and stomach). Case in point: the rise of modern birria de res, or beef, trucks and stands across the city. This institutional Tijuana taco style has been reinvented for the modern age, with vendors tossing on lots of cheese, griddling up those tortillas to a crunchy consistency, and even dipping the stuff in cooking liquid first to give it an appealing red glow. Here now, from famous Teddy’s Red Tacos to Eats LA staples like Birrieria Gonzalez, are ten of the best current street food spots for all things Tijuana-style birria.

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10 Canadian restaurants that will blow your mind

From molecular gastronomy in Ottawa, to seafood and swine Caesar cocktails in Montreal, these are the food trends coming out of some of the most exciting eateries in the world

Chef Marc Lepine, who has twice been named Canadian Culinary Champion and, last year, Canada’s most innovative chef, opened Atelier in 2008. There’s no sign on the unassuming brick building, close to Ottawa’s Commissioners Park, that houses this chic 45-seat restaurant. Set aside at least three hours to enjoy the 12-course tasting menu, which focuses on molecular gastronomy and is priced at a rather good value CAD$125 ($132), with the optional pairing of nine wines costing an additional CAD$75 ($82). Expect playfully clever dishes, updated regularly, and exquisite presentation. You could be tucking into anything from a “duck terrarium” to an edible balloon – even an emoji fondant, made with a food printer. … continue 10 Canadian restaurants that will blow your mind

15 Best Things to Eat and Drink in New Zealand

Like its citizens, New Zealand cuisine is pretty down-to-earth, and tends to borrow dishes from neighboring regions like Australia and the South Pacific Islands. This range of flavors means the country is home to rare delicacies that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, so it’s worth it to be adventurous in your culinary excursions and try things you’ve never tried before.… continue: 15 Things to Eat and Drink in New Zealand

10 Delicious Things To Eat In Italy Besides Pizza

Italy is known as the land of delicious carbs such as pizza (and pasta, of course). But there are so many other foods that tourists should check out.

Most travelers visiting Italy have dreams of days filled with pizza, pasta, and gelato. While you should definitely indulge in these well-known treats during your stay in Italy (since they’re the best in the world here), you might also like to broaden your horizons and sample some Italian delicacies that aren’t so common.

From street food to trattoria favorites, there are endless dishes to try (and become obsessed with) in Italy. Every region has its own culinary signature waiting for you to literally sink your teeth into.

Keep reading to find out what delicious things you can eat in Italy that aren’t pizza. … continue reading 10 Delicious Things To Eat In Italy Besides Pizza

You can buy, and eat, a grilled sparrow on the streets of Kyoto, so we did【Taste test】

A local Kyoto recipe like no other.

Kyoto has a reputation for having some of the best food in Japan, and with good reason. The city’s dedication to meticulous craftsmanship extends to the culinary arts, with local delicacies including pressed mackerel sushi, tofu hot pot with bonito stock, and a variety of small dishes called obanzai that are made with locally harvested vegetables.

If you want to, though, you can skip all that and do what our reporter Mai did on her recent trip to Kyoto, and just straight up eat a sparrow. Continue at Source: You can buy, and eat, a grilled sparrow on the streets of Kyoto, so we did【Taste test】

8 cruises that offer a taste of Northern Europe

Read Telegraph Travel’s pick of the best cruises if you want to eat traditional food from some of Northern Europe’s exciting port cities, including Copenhagen, Stockholm, St Petersburg, Oslo and Reykjavík

Cruise along the coastlines of Northern Europe provides plenty of opportunity to sample foods that are as diverse as the beautiful scenery and sights along the way.

From smørrebrød to – for the truly brave – fermented shark, each country has its own distinctly different cuisine.

Here are eight regional specialities to try on ports of calls in capitals – and one former first city – of the north. Continue at Source: Eight cruises that offer a taste of Northern Europe