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WATCH: 7,000 Passengers Locked Up on Cruise Ship off Italy Because of 1 Chinese Couple Get Coronavirus

About 7,000 passengers and crew are trapped on a cruise ship in Italy amid fears two Chinese holidaymakers are carrying coronavirus.

A husband and wife from China have been isolated in separate rooms on the Costa Smeralda, which could have Britons on board, after the couple came down with a fever and breathing difficulties.

The two have been checked by doctors and undergone tests to find out if they have the SARS-like virus, which has killed at least 170 people in China and infected more than 7,700 others.

If they are carrying the killer bug, there are fears that it could have already spread to hundreds of others on board the vessel, which docked at a port in Civitavecchia, north-west of Rome, on Thursday with about 6,000 passengers and 1,000 crew.

Source: Coronavirus: 6,000 tourists trapped on cruise ship after Chinese couple fall ill


7 best things to do on an Amazon cruise: From swimming with dolphins to fishing for piranhas

Daily life on an Amazon cruise is exciting in itself. Paddling kayaks among three metre-wide water lily leaves while spotting sloths in the foliage is considered standard stuff. But for the ultimate rainforest experience, some voyages offer yet more unusual and thrilling activities so you really have something to boast about when you get home. Meet a shaman, fish for piranhas, or even swim with the encantados – the pink river dolphins which legend has it are shape-shifting humans in fishy form.

Source: From swimming with dolphins to fishing for piranhas – seven of the best things to do on an Amazon cruise

10 world’s most popular cruise destinations

The website Cruise Cruise has come out with its annual destination awards for 2019. The overall winner? A river port city in Europe.

Avignon, in France’s Provence region, was named most popular cruise destination of the year, according to Cruise Critic’s fourth annual Cruisers’ Choice destination awards, which published Wednesday. (Avignon was also named best European river cruise destination.)
Bora Bora came in second place; Glacier Bay, Alaska in third place; Vienna, Austria in fourth place; Singapore in fifth place; and Kirkwall, Scotland in sixth place.
“For most travelers, the decision of where to cruise is made before they think about all the other pieces of the cruise planning process,” said Colleen McDaniel, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic, in a statement.

Source: Sail away: These are the world’s most popular cruise destinations

8 cruises that offer a taste of Northern Europe

Read Telegraph Travel’s pick of the best cruises if you want to eat traditional food from some of Northern Europe’s exciting port cities, including Copenhagen, Stockholm, St Petersburg, Oslo and Reykjavík

Cruise along the coastlines of Northern Europe provides plenty of opportunity to sample foods that are as diverse as the beautiful scenery and sights along the way.

From smørrebrød to – for the truly brave – fermented shark, each country has its own distinctly different cuisine.

Here are eight regional specialities to try on ports of calls in capitals – and one former first city – of the north. Continue at Source: Eight cruises that offer a taste of Northern Europe

10 Cruise Secrets Guests Didn’t Know

There’s nothing more exciting than planning a trip for vacation. Do we go somewhere tropical or should we head for the mountains? If someone’s really looking to spice up their vacation and see as much as they can in a short amount of time, they can plan for a cruise.

Cruise ships may be expensive but you can see a few different islands in a short amount of time, along with having a once-in-a-lifetime experience on board. You’re treated like royalty, are served amazing food, and hello! You’re at sea! Being on a cruise is usually an unforgettable experience for thousands of people, however, like any resort, there’s a ton of secrets the crew doesn’t tell passengers about unless they’re asked. Continue at Source: 10 Cruise Secrets Guests Didn’t Know

6 most popular cruise destinations and the best time of year to go

When you’re booking a cruise, you can save money and beat the crowds by timing your trip strategically.

With that in mind, we asked experts the best times of year to travel to some of the most popular cruise destinations in the world, including Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.

Here’s what they said. Continue at Source: The best time of year to take a cruise to 6 of the most popular destinations