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VIDEO: 2 MASSIVE Carnival Cruise ships Collide Head-Tail CRASH in Mexico – WATCH

Cruise ship Carnival Glory was manouevering to dock in Cozumel on Friday morning when it struck the Carnival Legend, which was already moored behind it, leaving one person with minor injuries.

  • Carnival Glory was coming in to dock in Cozumel, Mexico, on Friday morning 
  • Video shows ship swinging into port while Carnival Legend was moored behind 
  • Rear of the Glory hits prow of Legend, shattering windows and twisting metal
  • Passengers in the Glory dining room were evacuated, and one was injured 

Source: Shocking moment two cruise ships crash into each other in Mexico


New VIDEO: Moment grandfather lets 18-month-old baby falling to concrete from cruise ship – WATCH

Salvatore Anello dropped his granddaughter Chloe Wiegand from a Royal Caribbean ship on July 7 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He faces three years in jail if he’s found guilty of negligent homicide.

  • Video footage shows the moment Salvatore Anello dropped Chloe Wiegand, 18 months, from a Royal Caribbean ship on July 7 in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • The IT worker slumps to the ground in shock and horror as he watches his little granddaughter fall to her death after lifting her up to see out of a window 
  • Anello was charged with negligent homicide and if found guilty, he faces three years in prison 
  • Prosecutors offered him a plea deal on Tuesday, which he would have to admit guilt to receive no jail time, minimum probation and minimum supervision
  • Anello has said he didn’t realize the window Chloe ‘slipped’ through was open 
  • Last month, Anello claimed he didn’t realize there wasn’t any glass in the window pane because he is colorblind 
  • His lawyers said on Tuesday they plan to present Anello’s medical records and evidence on his health status, also indicating they would want a trial by jury
  • DailyMail.com previously revealed the last photo of Chloe moments before her death, standing beside a kids’ splash pool wearing a pink swimming costume 

Source: Video shows grandfather dropping toddler to her death from cruise ship window

WATCH: Grandpa tearfully describes watching granddaughter killed falling from a cruise to concrete 

A grandfather from Indiana is speaking out in his first interview after being hit with criminal charges in the death of his 18-month-old granddaugther. Salvatore Anello is now charged with negligent homicide for what he says was an accident.

Source: Grandfather says he was in “disbelief” watching his granddaughter fall from a cruise

The 10 best large cruise ships in the world

Celebrity Cruises Royal Caribbean Cruises had an impressive showing in CruiseCritic’s 2019 survey of the best large cruise ships.

The company took eight of the 10 spots on the cruise-research website’s ranking, which was decided by reviews from CruiseCritic users. (A CruiseCritic representative said thousands of reviews were used in the website’s 2019 “cruiser’s choice” awards, but declined to give a specific number.)

Source: The 10 best large cruise ships

MASSIVE brawl on P&O cruise ship sparked by a passenger ‘dressed as CLOWN’ 

Six people, including three men and three women, were assaulted and injuries included significant bruising and cuts.

A passenger dressed as a clown has sparked a mass brawl on a P&O cruise ship, according to reports.

Families fled as a group of passengers allegedly used furniture and plates as weapons on board the ship, which had left Bergen in Norway 12 hours earlier.

Source: Passenger ‘dressed as clown’ sparks brawl on P&O cruise ship

7 best things to do on a Canary Islands cruise, from dune-trekking to stargazing

A great way to fully appreciate the rugged beauty of the Canary Islands is to head off the beaten track in an open-top 4×4 vehicle. In Gran Canaria, after tackling the sand dunes of Maspalomas, you can weave your way through scented pine forests, tropical plantations, mountain villages and Fataga Valley – the “Valley of a Thousand Palms”. Your tour may also include a visit to La Fortaleza, the last stronghold of the Guanche people in a cave that burrows through an extinct volcano. Continue at Source: What to try on a Canary Islands cruise, from dune-trekking to stargazing