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Nothing More Disturbing: Sex offender father tortures, kills 5 of his INFANT children in California – WATCH

WOODLAND, Calif. (AP) — A California father about to be freed from prison has been taken into custody in connection with the decades-old killings of five of his infant children in a case a sheriff said has haunted his agency for years.

Paul Perez, 57, a convicted sex offender with a 20-year criminal history, was charged in the deaths of the children born between 1992 and 2001, authorities announced Monday, the same day he was supposed to be released from a state prison in Delano on unrelated charges.

Yolo County Sheriff Tom Lopez said the case reflects an “unspeakable evil,” though a motive has not been determined.

“I cannot think of a case more disturbing than this one,” he said. “There can be no victim more vulnerable and innocent than an infant and unfortunately this case involves five of them.”

Source: ‘Deeply disturbing’: Father charged with torturing, killing 5 of his infant children over decade


VIDEO: Carjacker steals car with mother, baby still inside at Florida airport – WATCH

FORT MYERS, Florida — A man was arrested after he stole a car outside of an airport in Florida and drove off with a mother and her baby still inside.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment that the man ran up to the car in the departures area at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers.

The video shows the family unloading at the curbside when the suspect gets in, quickly followed by the mother, just in time to get her baby in the back seat.

The father tried to hold on to the car, but was dragged and knocked down.

Source: Video captures suspect stealing car at Florida airport with mother, baby still inside

CHILLING: Mom Sings to Her 3 Babies as She Kills Them One by One – WATCH

The Arizona mother accused of killing her three young children sang to them as she killed them, with her oldest child fighting her to save his little sister, say police.

Rachel Henry, 22, of Phoenix, was arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree murder after allegedly killing her children, aged 3 years; almost 2 years; and 7 months, on Monday night, the City of Phoenix Police Department says in a statement.

Henry allegedly confessed to killing son Zane Henry, 3, and daughters Miraya Henry, almost 2, and Catalaya Rios, 7 months, say police.

While “wrestling on top of her,” AZ Family reports, “Rachel felt the one-year-old female’s breathing was obstructed but continued to impede her breath by placing her hand over the 1-year-old female’s mouth.”

The child struggled and began kicking her, prompting 3-year-old Zane to yell at her “in an attempt to get her to stop,” the report says.

He then began “punching her to no avail,” it says.

She knew the child was dead “when she stopped kicking,” it says.

Zane was next. After a relative came over and “interrupted her” by playing with him, she took him into another room.

After placing him on the floor, she “straddled him with one of her legs and placed her hand over his nose and mouth.”

While Henry allegedly held the boy down, she began “singing to the 3-year-old male as he was scratching her chest and pinching her while she placed her hand over his nose and mouth “to smother him until he died,” the report says.

Source: Ariz. Mom Allegedly Sang to Kids During Smothering Murders, as Boy, 3, Fought Her to Save Siblings

VIDEO: Man points laser directly to pilot’s eyes while plane landing at Florida airport – WATCH

ARASOTA, Fla. — A pilot was temporarily blinded while trying to land at a Florida airport after a man pointed a laser directly in his eyes, local police said.

Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies responded just after 7:40 p.m. Wednesday to the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport for a report of a laser being pointed at planes making their approach to land.

While police were trying to locate the suspect, he also used the laser on them, officials said. The suspect was located on a forklift just east of the airport.

Police surrounded the individual, later identified as Charlie James Chapman Jr., 41, and he grabbed a hammer and made striking motions toward deputies. A taser was deployed, and police found a laser pointer in Chapman’s pocket.

Source: VIDEO: Pilot temporarily blinded trying to land after laser pointed in eyes, Florida man arrested

Chilling VIDEO: Gunmen go after woman as she enters home in North Carolina – WATCH

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A doorbell camera captured a scary moment for a North Carolina family that could have ended in a home robbery, or worse.

Late one night in early January, two men tried to sneak into a home by following a woman inside.

It happened after the woman got home with her kids. Her sister then arrived at the house after the homeowner did. When the homeowner let her sister inside the front door, a Ring camera recorded the attempted break-in.

Source: Chilling video shows men with gun sneak up behind woman as she enters home

Man kills 3 teens for playing ding-dong-ditch prank at his door – WATCH

TEMESCAL VALLEY, Calif. — Three teenagers were killed in a Southern California crash after one of the victims’ mother said they played a ding-dong-ditch prank on a man who allegedly chased them with his car and intentionally rammed his vehicle into theirs.

Authorities said 42-year-old Anurag Chandra intentionally rammed a white Infiniti into the victims’ Toyota Prius occupied by six people Sunday night. The Prius slammed into a tree after the driver lost control and veered off the road.

Three teenagers in the car were killed, who were identified as Drake Ruiz, Daniel Hawkins and Jacob Ivascu, all 16 years old. The remaining three victims sustained moderate injuries.

Source: Man intentionally rammed car of teens, killing 3, after ding-dong-ditch prank, victim’s mother says