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‘Dumbest Man On Television’: President Trump Responds To Don Lemon Mocking His Voters on CNN – WATCH

President Donald Trump ripped CNN anchor Don Lemon on Monday night after a video of Lemon and his guests mocking Trump voters went viral on social media.

The video showed Lemon, former Republican strategist Rick Wilson, and CNN contributor Wajahat Ali using a stereotypical southern accent to mock Trump voters.

Source: ‘Dumbest Man On Television’: POTUS Responds To Don Lemon Mocking Trump Voters

MUST WATCH: CNN Don Lemon Collapses on Air Mocking Trump Supporters 

A clip from a recent disparaging discussion on CNN about Americans who support Donald Trump has gone viral, inspiring blowback from conservatives, Trump fans, and Trump himself.

In the discussion, which occurred over the weekend, the host, Don Lemon, and two Trump critics, op-ed writer Wajahat Ali and Republican Rick Wilson, suggest that Trump supporters are illiterate “rubes” who can’t read a map or do basic math.

Source: Video Of CNN Mocking Trump Supporters Goes Viral; Trump Fires Back

WATCH: GOP Senator McSally Shames CNN Reporter on Capitol Hill ‘You’re a Liberal Hack, I’m Not Talking to You’

Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) blasted fake news CNN reporter Manu Raju on Thursday morning. “You’re a liberal hack, Manu. I’m not talking to you!” the Republican Senator said after Manu Raju asked her if ‘new impeachment evidence’ would get her to reconsider her position on President Trump.

Source: “You’re a Liberal Hack! I’m Not Talking to You!” – GOP Senator Blasts Fake News CNN Reporter (VIDEO)