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VIDEO: Pope Francis kisses Nun: DON’T BITE! – WATCH

Vatican City (AFP) – Pope Francis warned a nun not to bite him Wednesday in a joking reference to his run-in with an overly zealous pilgrim last week which saw him slap the woman’s hand.

“I’ll give you a kiss, but you must stay calm. Don’t bite!” he told the enthusiastic nun, who had been shouting “Long live the pope!” as Francis greeted pilgrims before his weekly general audience.

The 83-year old Argentinian then bent to kiss her on the cheek, sparking cheers from fellow worshippers in the crowd.

Source: ‘Don’t bite!’ quips pope as he kisses nun


VIDEO: Pope Angrily slaps woman greeting him, then says sorry: ‘I apologize for the bad example’ – WATCH

Francis had greeted children before the Nativity scene on Saint Peter’s square and was turning away when the woman who had crossed herself then cried out something, pulled on his hand and almost caused him to fall.

The 83-year-old pope grimaced before managing to break free by slapping her hand twice.

He continued his tour, walking with some difficulty while maintaining a slightly greater distance from visitors, and gradually relaxed again as he came into contact with other children.

“We lose patience many times,” Francis confessed.

“It happens to me too. I apologise for the bad example given yesterday,” the head of the Catholic church said before celebrating Mass at the Vatican.

Source: Pope says sorry for slapping devotee – France 24

Watch: YouTube Ad Policy: The Term ‘Christian’ Is Unacceptable But ‘Muslim’ Is Still Acceptable (VIDEO)


Chad Robichaux, the founder of the veterans Christian organization the Mighty Oaks Foundation, has caught YouTube censoring Christian advertisers.

Watch the following video to see how YouTube no longer allows you to target a ‘Christian’ audience.

Source: Watch: YouTube Ad Policy: The Term ‘Christian’ Is Unacceptable But ‘Muslim’ Is Still Acceptable (VIDEO)

Christianity is being outnumbered in America

Data released by the General Social Survey — an ongoing study which has monitored US trends, attitudes and behaviors since 1972 — reveals that the number …

Source: Christianity is losing ground in the US, new survey says

Survey: Moms are Teaching Kids About Jesus, While Dads are Lacking

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No food, only beer: Fasting like a 17th-century monk

The Paulaner Monks saught to fast from all solid foods during lent. Thus began the monastic the Lenten beer fast.

Source: No food, only beer: Fasting like a 17th-century monk