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BREAKING: Chinese Communist Party Orders Removing of All Foreign-made Computers and Software

The Financial Times reports that to boost the use of products from domestic technology vendors, Beijing has ordered all public institutions and government offices to remove any foreign-made computer equipment and software over the next three years. This move could have a negative effect on companies such as HP, Dell, and Microsoft which all produce software and hardware used throughout China.

The move is part of a larger effort to increase China’s reliance on domestic technologies and could add to worries of “decoupling” between U.S. business and Chinese supply chains. Washington banned U.S. firms from doing business with Chinese telecom firm Huawei earlier this year and is now investigating ways to supports its European rivals. It was recently proposed by the United States that technology sales into the U.S. from  “foreign adversaries” would be investigated for national security threats.

Source: Chinese Communist Party Orders Government Offices to Remove Foreign Computers


WATCH: Husband lets pregnant wife sit on him because no one yields her a seat at hospital in China

A trending video shows the mother-to-be with a bulging belly appearing tired and struggling to stand on her own. Her partner then told her to sit on his back in the busy hospital in China.

  • The mother-to-be was struggling to stand due to numbing legs while waiting
  • Her partner then sat down on the floor and told her to lean against his back
  • Footage of the heart-warming moment has been liked seven million times

Source: Husband turns himself into a ‘human chair’ for his pregnant after people refused to offer her a seat

AMAZING! VIDEO of ‘Kung fu cat’ Plunges into the Air to catch a Flying Bird – WATCH

  • The video has been shared on the Weibo section ‘See how fierce rural cats are’
  • Blogger Dan Shen Shuo compared the cat to Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu mentor Ip Man
  • More than 150 million people have seen the video on the Chinese Weibo service

Source: ‘Kung fu cat’ leaps and catches a bird in mid-air in astonishing slow-motion footage

CHILLING: China Can Build Your Own Face from DNA of Just a Piece of You 

Many fear it could become a tool used to further restrict civil liberties.

Chinese scientists are reconstructing human faces using seized DNA, according to an investigation by the New York Times.

The research comes after they harvested blood samples from Muslims being held in some of the nation’s “brainwashing” prison camps.

Source: Chinese scientists are using DNA samples to recreate faces: report

VIDEO: Violence Erupts in Guangdong province of China as police fire teargas, beat up protesters – WATCH

Hundreds of residents in Wenlou township were protesting against construction of large crematorium Riot police have fired teargas and beaten residents in southern China after they took to the streets to protest against a local construction project.

Source: Chinese riot police fire teargas and beat up protesters in Guangdong province

Huawei to build the world’s largest Artificial Intelligence computing system

Huawei aims to help build the world’s largest artificial intelligence (AI) computing platform by working with a major national laboratory, offering its self-developed chipsets as fundamental architecture to compete with Intel and NVIDIA.

… China hopes to become a driving force in AI innovation in the coming years, and a batch of individual cities are striving to build tech clusters for technological development by congregating policy support, talent and innovation platform. Shenzhen is among the top cities which established the Pengcheng lab to advance research in AI.

Source: Huawei eyes building world’s largest AI computing platform