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Don’t Let the Chinese Government Escape Blame for Coronavirus’s Initial Spread

From almost the very beginning of the COVID-19/coronavirus crisis in January and early February, it’s often been asked whether it might be the “Chinese Chernobyl.” Could the crisis expose the weakness of the mix of oppression, information control, and social disgust that underpin the Chinese Communist regime and trigger its collapse? Others have suggested that it might instead be “president Xi Jinping’s Tiananmen,” meaning he will use all the tools at his disposal to tighten down and prevent, well . . . a Chinese Chernobyl.

It is too soon to know what may happen. But it’s not too soon for attempts to whitewash the timeline and Chinese-government actions in the earliest moments of the crisis. Indeed, even now, the level of public anxiety about both the virus and what the Chinese government is doing and saying about it remain high.

Source: Don’t Let the Chinese Government Escape Blame for Coronavirus’s Initial Spread


DRAMATIC Drill Video: Chinese SWAT Team Arrest Coronavirus Suspect – WATCH

Police in China’s Henan province posted a video on social media showing a simulation of how they will deal with drivers who ignore virus checkpoints.

Source: Chinese police video shows SWAT team drill for controlling coronavirus suspect

SHOCKING VIDEOS: Chinese Authorities Treat People Like Animal For Not Wearing Masks amid Coronavirus outspread WATCH

Chinese authorities have been tying up citizens who go out in public without a mask, parading them through the streets and forcing them to hold up signs apologizing for their mistakes.

As the Chinese government ramps up its efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, videos posted to social media show how local police forces are implementing the directives from Beijing.

The videos, which have been shared widely on Chinese platforms like WeChat and Weibo, as well as western platforms like Twitter, show how authorities are taking a very strict stance against anyone who goes out in public without wearing a mask.

Source: Shocking Videos Show Chinese Authorities Humiliating People For Not Wearing Masks

Coronavirus VIDEO: Chinese officers drag woman out of supermarket for not wearing mask – WATCH

The 51-year-old shopper, identified only as Qiu, was hauled down the aisle of Space supermarket in Shenzen, in south China’s Guangdong province after local government declared a mask order.

A woman was dragged out of a Chinese supermarket and pinned to the ground after allegedly refusing to wear a face mask while the country deals with the coronavirus outbreak.

Mobile phone footage from Wednesday shows the shopper, identified only by her surname Qiu, resisting two uniformed officers as they haul her down the aisle of Space supermarket in Shenzen, in south China’s Guangdong province.

The local government, responsible for some 113million inhabitants, announced a province-wide mask order effective on January 26, making it a punishable offence to be in a public space without a surgical mask.

Source: Shocking moment shopper is dragged from Chinese supermarket ‘after she REFUSED to wear face mask’

VIDEO: Chinese police lock up Coronavirus – infected people in home ‘to starve’ – WATCH

Police in China have been accused of barricading infected people inside their homes in a desperate bid to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Shocking footage from inside the disease-hit country appears to show a group of men nailing wooden planks over a door as people from the inside shout.

Source: Videos emerge of Chinese police ‘barricading sick residents inside their apartments to starve’

Human Next? Disease kills 4,500 chickens in China yesterday

A farm in Shaoyang city in the southern province of Hunan reported the outbreak yesterday. Chinese authorities have already culled 17,828 birds in the wake of the disease.

  • Farm in Shaoyang city in the southern province of Hunan reported the outbreak 
  • Chinese authorities have already culled 17,828 birds in wake of the disease 
  • The area has now been sealed off and sterilised to try and prevent transmission

Source: ‘Highly pathogenic’ H5N1 bug that can spread to humans kills 4,500 chickens in China