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SHOCKING VIDEO: Thousands of small African children are working for millions of Americans’ products – WATCH

How mica mined by kids in Madagascar ends up in products used by millions of Americans.

TARANTA-BAS, Madagascar — A boy climbs out of a pit in the ground and shields his eyes from the sun. His hands and feet are covered in dust, his T-shirt and shorts covered in rips.

The boy has spent the last several hours working inside the pit. Now above ground, he proudly holds up an example of his labor: a silvery sheet of mica, the iridescent mineral shimmering in the afternoon light.

The boy is 10 years old, but he doesn’t go to school. He works for much of the day — and sometimes through the night — crawling through pitch-black tunnels inside the makeshift mine, his fingers picking through the earth, collecting and sorting shards of mica.

Source: ‘We don’t have any choice’: Thousands of kids perform backbreaking labor for America’s products


2-year-old Baby Boy Walking on Roof of Connecticut House – WATCH =>

A toddler was found walking back and forth on the roof of a Connecticut home after he climbed out the window.

Source: Terrifying: Toddler spotted walking back and forth on roof of home

SO SWEET! WATCH: Little Friends Welcome Survived 3-year-old Boy Back To Florida School From Bahamas

Adorable video: Makai went back to school Monday and received big hugs from his friends who missed him dearly.

A 3-year-old boy received a warm welcome home from his preschool classmates and friends.

Makai Simmons and his mother were visiting family in the Bahamas when Hurricane Dorian hit.

Source: WATCH: 3-year-old welcomed home by preschool friends after riding out Dorian in Bahamas

WATCH: Homeless Man Punches 7-Year-Old Autistic Boy’s Face So Hard His 2 Teeth Fell Out

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Manhattan child recovering after police say a homeless man randomly attacked him. It happened while he was out with his grandmother on the west side.

The child, 7-year-old Yaromir Potapova, still smiles big but a closer look shows he’s missing one of his two adult front teeth, reports CBS2’s Andrea Grymes.

She says last Wednesday morning Yaromir was riding his scooter with his little sister and grandmother on the West Side Highway near 52nd Street.

“A guy jumped out of a bench, hit him in the face,” said Valeriya. “He didn’t say anything, just hit him in the face and walk away.”

Police say witnesses saw it, and a state trooper nearby tussled with the suspect, identified as 67-year-old Ryan Fran, before arresting him.

“It shouldn’t be like this, people with mental issues shouldn’t walk outside,” said Valeriya. “We might be lucky because he didn’t have a knife, he didn’t hit him with a rock. He didn’t kill him.”

Source: Exclusive: Homeless Man Attacks Autistic 7-Year-Old, Knocks Out Boy’s Teeth

MOST Innocently BEAUTIFUL THING EVER! WATCH: 2 Best-Friend Toddlers Rushing to Hug As They’re So Happy to See Each Others inside Multicultural New York City

It was pure joy at first sight.

Two toddlers, one black and one white, saw each other on the streets of New York. Instantly they both ran to each other to give the biggest hug like true best friends do.

It was a hug that was practically bigger than the tiny tots themselves. Thanks to a Facebook video posted by one of their dads, this moment is warming hearts all throughout the internet.

The video stars 26-month-old Maxwell and 27-month-old Finnegan, two boys who have been friends for at least a year.

“They just took off toward each other and I just got my phone out as quickly as possible, and just tried to record it,” Maxwell’s dad, Michael Cisneros, told CNN affiliate WPIX. “They are just too cute together.”

Source: Viral Video Shows 2-Year-Old Best Friends Running to Hug Each Other on NYC Street

Caught On Video: Mother Arrested After Leaving Infant In Hot Car In 100-Degree Heat to Shop at Target

Newly released body cam video shows the dramatic moment police rescued the baby from what could have been another hot car tragedy.

“Honestly don’t know how it happened. I am freaking out. I’m sorry… I just don’t know how it happened like how do you forget your baby!” Holly told officers.

Holly forgot the infant inside her car parked in the hot Arizona sun, while she shopped at a Target with her sister and six-year-old niece.

“I love you honey I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Source: Caught On Video: Mother Arrested After Leaving Infant In Hot Car In 100-Degree Heat