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Dramatic VIDEO: people jump out window to flee fire from Chicago apartment building – WATCH

Video posted on Snapchat captures the moment people inside an apartment building in Chicago started jumping out a third floor window to flee flames engulfing building.

Source: Dramatic video shows people jumping out window to flee fire


16-year-old Cheerleader Shot in the Head, Killed in Chicago shooting while walking home from work – WATCH 

Source: Girl, 16, killed in Little Village shooting ID’d

HORROR: Gunman UNLOADS Automatic Weapon at Officer’s Car after Following Him from Chicago Police Station – WATCH:

CHICAGO (CBS) — A police officer trailed from his workplace and shot at on the South Side. CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli has more from the Sixth District police station at 78th and Halsted. It’s where sources said a three-year veteran officer left the station Tuesday night and soon noticed he was being followed.

“I heard multiple gun shots, at least twelve,” said a former police officer who didn’t want to reveal his identity. He said the shots were rapid fire.

“It sounded like an automatic,” said the ex-officer.

Source: Officer Followed From Police Station, Shot While In Car

MONSTER mom punches her 2-month-old baby girl in the face, slams her to the ground, not expected to survive

CHICAGO — A woman has been charged after officials said she punched her 2-month-old daughter in the face and slammed her to the ground. Nina Singleton was charged with child abuse for a pattern of assaults that prosecutors said may have started after the baby was born.

The girl is on life support with skull fractures, bleeding on her brain and a broken shoulder and leg. She is not expected to survive.

If the child dies, prosecutors said they will charge Singleton with murder.

Source: Woman accused of punching 2-month-old baby, slamming her to the ground

VIDEO: Chicago Police body slams man head first to concrete curb unconscious for spitting at him – WATCH

CHICAGO (WLS) — A Chicago police officer was recorded body slamming a man to the ground during an arrest Thursday, after officials say the man spat in the cop’s face.

The video was taken around 4 p.m. in the Chatham neighborhood.

Two CPD officer said they approached a 29-year-old man who was drinking alcohol at a bus stop. Officers said the man became “irate,” threatened them and then spat in an officer’s eye and mouth.

That’s when the officer performed what they call an “emergency takedown,” according to police.

The officer can be seen picking the man up off his feet, throwing him to the ground.

The man appears to lie motionless in the street as other officers gather around him.

Source: VIDEO: Police body slams man accused of spitting on cop; COPA investigating

VIDEO: Woman being raped while security guards stand by watch and laugh – Chicago – WATCH

A woman was recently sexually assaulted in an alley in River North while two security guards for a popular bar stand nearby and do nothing to stop it.

That video was part of a lawsuit filed Monday by the woman against the River North restaurant.

Source: Video shows woman raped in River North while security guards stand by, watch