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James Franco Sexually Exploits Student – LAWSUIT =>

Two actresses have sued James Franco and the acting and film school he founded, saying the actor intimidated his students into gratuitous and exploitative sexual situations. Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal, former students at Franco’s now-closed Studio 24, filed the suit Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The lawsuit says Franco pushed his students into performing in increasingly explicit sex scenes on camera in an “orgy type setting.” The women say roles in Franco’s films would be dangled to those who went along.

The suit also alleges “the school’s true goal was creating a constant pipeline of women Franco and others could exploit professionally and place in compromising sexual situations.” It also alleges that “Franco took the ‘casting couch’ to another level by creating a ‘casting class.'”

Source: James Franco’s former students sue alleging sexual exploitation


Robert De Niro Supports ‘Low Life’ Trump To Be Impeached: ‘He’s Such A Low Life’ – WATCH =>

Robert De Niro expresses his support for impeaching Trump on the carpet for “The Irishman”, which premiered at the New York Film Festival.

“I hope he gets impeached, it has to be followed through,” De Niro told Variety’s Marc Malkin at the New York premiere for the Netflix film “The Irishman.” “He’s such a low life… He taints everybody around him.”

Source: Robert De Niro Hopes Trump Is Impeached: ‘He’s Such A Low Life’

Naked Demi Rose Bathtub Instagram Picture. WATCH =>

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Demi Rose nuked Instagram with a recent nude picture.

Rose, who has north of 10 million followers, posted a photo of herself completely naked in a tub, and this one is out of control.

Source: Demi Rose Goes Naked In Shocking Instagram Picture

Brad Pitt: Donald Trump poses a threat on ‘serious issues’

When it comes to President Trump’s performance, Brad Pitt believes there are bigger things to worry about than tariffs on foreign booze.

When French outlet Journal du Dimanche asked the “Ad Astra” star (and Chateau Miraval vineyard co-owner) his feelings on Trump’s proposal to impose tariffs of up to 100 percent on French wine, he was candid.

“Unfortunately, it’s almost anecdotal,” he said. “Trump represents a much bigger threat on such more serious issues.”

Source: Brad Pitt: Donald Trump poses a threat on ‘serious issues’

Source: EXCLUSIF. Brad Pitt sur la menace de taxe de Trump : “On boira toujours du rosé aux Etats-Unis”

Muslims Are Sweet! WATCH: Sinead O’Connor: I’ve Been A Muslim My Whole Life But I Didn’t Even Realize It

Sinead O’Connor insists that she’s always been Muslim — but that she only realized it recently.

The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer, who revealed she was Muslim in 2018, explained on “Good Morning Britain” on Monday, “In Islam, you don’t call it conversion. You call it reversion — the idea is you were born Muslim in the first place, that any person with any logic would realize they were born Muslim all along.”

Source: Sinead O’Connor says she’s always been Muslim but didn’t realize it

Brad Pitt NASA astronaut full interview from iss


Today, Brad Pitt — who is set to play a gun-wielding, pirate-hunting astronaut in the upcoming film Ad Astra — got the chance to speak to someone who actually has the job of his on-screen character: an astronaut on board the International Space Station. While at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, Pitt chatted with astronaut Nick Hague who has been living on the ISS since March.

ISS astronauts are fairly accustomed to doing interviews with journalists and schoolchildren while in space, but it’s a rare occasion when a movie actor is the voice on the line. Pitt started his line of questioning firmly in the entertainment sphere, asking Hague how realistic his new movie is when it comes to physics. (While the movie comes out on September 20th here on Earth, Hague and his fellow astronauts got to see it in advance.)

Source: Brad Pitt interviews an astronaut on the space station: “Who controls the jam box?”