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WATCH: Canadian man uses his coffee to free 3 kittens whose tails were frozen to the ground

Three kittens were in serious peril until Kendall Diwisch’s quick-thinking — and a cup of coffee — saved their lives.

Diwisch was at the right place at the right time. He was driving down a back road near one of his wells in Alberta, Canada, when he noticed a trio of kittens in the middle of the road.

When he took a closer look, he realized their tails were frozen to the ground. He quickly rushed back to his truck, grabbed his coffee mug and used the warm brew to set the cats free.

Source: WATCH: A man used his coffee to free three kittens whose tails were frozen to the ground

Prince Harry might need more education to settle down in Canada

Prince Harry may have to go back to school if he wants to settle down in Canada with his family. The Duke of Sussex has just touched down in Vancouver to begin a new chapter outside of the royal household, but speculation is already mounting about how, exactly, he plans to do that.

Meghan and Harry have not said how long they plan to stay in Canada with their son Archie, but if they decide to stay there for good, they will have to apply for permanent residency. Despite being one of the most famous men in the world, this will be easier said than done for the Prince.

Canadian lawyer Mario Bellissimo says the Duke’s age, 35, past work experience, and the fact he did not go to university, will all ‘weigh heavily against him’ if he goes through the immigration application process.

Source: Prince Harry’s lack of education could prevent him moving to Canada

VIDEO: Prince Harry arrives in Vancouver Island to begin new life with Meghan, Archie away from UK Royal – WATCH

TORONTO — Prince Harry has touched down in Canada to be reunited with his wife Meghan and baby Archie after a whirlwind trip to the U.K. where he finalized his family’s plans to step back from their royal duties.

On Monday evening, the Duke of Sussex landed at Vancouver International Airport shortly after 7 p.m. local time before he caught a connecting WestJet flight to Victoria International Airport on Vancouver Island.

Meghan and Archie have been reportedly staying at a secluded beachfront mansion on Vancouver Island while Prince Harry was in the U.K. for two weeks.

Source: Prince Harry arrives in Canada to begin new chapter in life with Meghan, Archie

VIDEO: ‘Get the F*ck Away!’ ‘Wax My Balls’ Transgender Yaniv Attacks Reporter Caught on Camera – WATCH

Watch as Yaniv charges at journalist and throws a flurry of punches

A Rebel News reporter says he was punched in the head by trans activist Jessica Yaniv outside a courthouse, and he captured the whole confrontation on tape:

The video, which has already amassed over a million views on Twitter, shows Yaniv charging at the reporter and throwing a flurry of punches.

“Yaniv just punched me in the back of the head,” reporter Keean Bexte said. “Just spoke to police. Luckily there are two security cameras directly overhead at the courthouse.”

“I need an Advil.”

Source: Video: ‘Wax My Balls’ Trans Activist Throws Fists at Reporter

Who will pay security costs for Meghan and Harry living  in Canada? Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there are still a lot of discussions to be had about who will cover security costs while Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are living in Canada.

Security experts have raised concerns that the Sussexes’ move could be costly to Canadian taxpayers. Traditionally Canada covers police costs associated with the couple when they are travelling on official business, but a more permanent move is potentially a different issue.

Source: Trudeau: ‘Lots of discussions’ left on who will cover Meghan and Harry’s security costs in Canada

Canada Issues Nuclear Reaction Alert, Shocks Millions of People in Ontario – WATCH

TORONTO — An emergency alert warning of an unspecified “incident” at a Toronto-area nuclear power plant Sunday morning was mistakenly sent to people across Ontario during a training exercise, prompting an apology from the province’s solicitor general.

Phones in Ontario received emergency notifications alerting them to the supposed incident at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station in Pickering, Ont. shortly before 7:30 a.m. Sunday.

Although the message was sent out to the entire province, as is customary with the Alert Ready system, it stated that the bulletin only applied to people living within 10 kilometres of the nuclear plant.

“An incident was reported at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. There has been NO abnormal release of radioactivity from the station and emergency staff are responding to the situation,” the notification read.

“People near the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station DO NOT need to take any protective actions at this time.”

Source: Emergency alert about Ont. nuclear plant was sent by mistake