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VIDEO: Man punches 5-year-old in the face, attacks another 11-year-old randomly in Target – WATCH

A thug punched a five-year-old boy in the face and attacked an 11-year-old in a Target store in California.

Jeff Hardcastle, 51, has been sentenced to nine years behind bars for the unprovoked and brutal assault, which knocked the youngest boy off his feet.

In the disturbing CCTV footage, the two youngsters were in the video games section when Hardcastle launched his attack.

Source: Man punches children in brutal, unprovoked assault in Target


PENIS, Penis Fish! Thousands of them raining on California beach – SEE THEM ALL

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The Korean name for this curious creature is gaebul, which translates as “dog dick.” Here in the States, it’s known as the fat innkeeper worm or the penis fish. Its scientific binomial is Urechis caupo, or “viper tail tradesman.” Whatever you call the animal, you can find them in abundance at Bodega Bay, where they build burrows in the tidal mud flats. On Saturday afternoon, our small, but enthusiastic clamming/crabbing crew thrust shovels and shoulder-deep arms into that mud in pursuit of Pacific gaper clams (Tresus nuttallii), but we also pulled up at least twenty of these red rockets. We returned them to their subterranean homes – excepting those that were snatched by eager herring gulls. I learned later that the gulls were the smarter hunters; fat innkeepers are edible, and are even considered a delicacy in Korea. Still, even though we missed out on a prime opportunity to dine on dog dick, we had a successful, fun outing, encountering a number of curious species, some of which now reside my belly. ⊙ What you’re looking at here: • Fat innkeeper worm (Urechis caupo) • A ring of prominent setae on the butt end of the fat innkeeper worm (Urechis caupo) • Bay ghost shrimp (Neotrypaea californiensis) • Lewis’s moon snail (Euspira lewisii) • Bucket filled w/ Pacific gaper clams or “horsenecks” (Tresus nuttallii), white macoma or “sand clams” (Macoma secta), and Lewis’s moon snails • Red rock crabs (Cancer productus) back in the kitchen, icing after boiling ๑ ๑ ๑ ๑ ๑ #BodegaBay #gaebul #FatInnkeeperWorm #UrechisCaupo #BayGhostShrimp #NeotrypaeaCaliforniensis #LewissMoonSnail #EuspiraLewisii #PacificGgaperClam #TresusNuttallii #RedRockCrab #CancerProductus #crabbing #clamming #huntergatherer #SonomaCounty #California #naturalhistory

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SHOOK 😳 Thousands of these marine worms—called fat innkeeper worms, or “penis fish”—were found on Drake’s Beach last week! These phallic organisms are quite common along the West coast of North America, but they spend their whole lives in U-shaped burrows under the sand, so few beachgoers are aware of their existence. ⛈🌊 A recent storm in Northern California brought strong waves that washed away several feet of sand from the intertidal zone, leaving all these fat innkeeper worms exposed on the surface. 🏖 Next time you go to the beach, just think about the hundreds of 10-inch, pink sausages wiggling around just a few feet under the sand. 🙃 . . Get the full story in our new #AsktheNaturalist with @california_natural_history via link in bio! (📸: Beach photo courtesy David Ford; Worm photo by Kate Montana via iNaturalist)

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Fat innkeeper worms typically burrow under the sand but recent storms have swept away layers, leaving them exposed I’m not sure this is what the Weather Girls meant when they sang, “It’s raining men.”

Following a bout of winter storms in northern California, “thousands” of pink, throbbing, phallic creatures wound up pulsating along a beach about 50 miles north of San Francisco, Bay Nature reported.

Source: Thousands of ‘penis fish’ appear on California beach

VIDEO: INSANE shoplifting at Sears in Hilltop Mall, Richmond, California – WATCH

RICHMOND — A video showing a group of shoplifters at a store in the Hilltop Mall, including one carrying so much merchandise he can’t see where he’s running, has gone viral.

Twitter user @v1ck_mendoza posted the video at 5:41 p.m. Tuesday along with the message, “this really just happened at Sears at Hilltop.” The 18-second video shows three people leaving the Sears with clothes in hand. One of the thieves carries so many clothes that he can’t see where he’s going and eventually loses the clothes when a person tries to tackle him at the exit door.

Source: Video of Richmond shoplifting goes viral

VIDEO: Police Officer Forces Bleeding Woman Crawl After Shooting Her – WATCH

Delano, CA — Disturbing video was just released as part of a lawsuit this week showing a Tulare County sheriff’s deputy shooting an unarmed woman and then forcing her to crawl toward him as she bled out.

The incident unfolded six months ago in June when Alexis Resendez and her boyfriend, Arturo Galvan were staying in a hotel. The video was just released this week as part of a lawsuit against the city of Tulare.

Source: WATCH: Cop Shoots Innocent Unarmed Woman, Forces Her to Crawl to Him as She Bleeds Out

Tulare County sheriff’s deputy Rommel Verenzuela opened fire so quickly as he ran past the opening door of a hotel room, his body camera didn’t even catch a view of the open door.

But the shot hit its mark. A bullet hit Alexis Resendez in the abdomen, right below her heart.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Video shows Tulare Co deputy shooting unarmed woman in suspect hotel room

AMAZING: Officer uses sign language to help deaf woman at DMV office in Los Angeles – WATCH

What started out as a misunderstanding evolved into a heartwarming exchange between a woman and a California Highway Patrol officer at a DMV office.

The woman, who is deaf, had trouble communicating with staff at the Department of Motor Vehicles office to obtain her Real ID, so authorities were dispatched for assistance.

Source: WATCH: Officer helps deaf woman obtain Real ID through sign language, helps her pay fee

VIDEO: Dad and bystanders fight and subdue carjacker taking car with mom and 3 kids inside – WATCH

STOCKTON, Calif. — A Stockton mom successfully fought off a would-be carjacker who police said tried to take her vehicle all while she and her three children were still inside of it.

Officers responded to calls of the attempted carjacking in the 7900 block of N. El Dorado Street around 5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 8. When officers arrived, they said there were already several people holding the suspect down.

The mother told police she was sitting in the vehicle with her three children, ages 11 and 6 years old, and a 5 month old, when the suspect, 22-year-old Elijah Cervantes, opened one of the car doors and tried to climb into the driver’s seat. Fearing for their safety, the mother told police she started to fight with Cervantes and honked the horn repeatedly to get the attention of her husband and others nearby.

Source: Video shows parents of 3, good Samaritans fighting off would-be carjacker in Stockton