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VIDEO: ‘Naked and Afraid’ host eats dead baby dolphin on California Beach – WATCH

Laguna Beach Lifeguards and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are investigating whether Gary Golding, host of The Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid: Alone,” violated the Marine Mammal Protection Act when he ate a dead baby dolphin at Aliso Beach.

“We’re looking into the details of this incident,” said Laguna Beach Lifeguard Capt. Kai Bond. “We are in a Marine Protected Area and he may have violated the Marine Mammal Protection Act.”

Bond said his department became aware of the incident after the celebrity news website TMZ published a story Sunday, Jan. 12, a day after the airing of the “Naked and Afraid” episode in which Golding eats the dolphin.

Source: Video showing ‘Naked and Afraid’ host eating dead baby dolphin on Aliso Beach leads to investigation


Bodycam VIDEO: SHOCKING Moment Man with Machete Shot to Death While Trying to Kill Police Officer – WATCH

The Los Angeles Police Department released video from a bodycam that shows the moment suspect Nathaniel Pinnock raised a machete over his head to slaughter a police officer on the ground. Pinnock was shot dead after he robbed an auto parts store, hijacked a car in the drive-thru at a Chick-fil-A restaurant before he attempted to slaughter a police officer with a machete.

Source: Bodycam Video Reveals Moment Suspect Shot Dead As He Was About to Slaughter Police Officer with a Machete

INCREDIBLE Video: Cat bravely fights off 3 coyotes at house backyard – California – WATCH

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – Surrounded by three coyotes in the backyard of his family’s Los Angeles home Monday night, a brave cat named Max held his own and tried to fight them off all by himself — and the tense standoff was captured on video.

Maya Gurrin and her husband were watching a movie in their Highland Park home when they noticed a shadow of a tail through the window.

They went outside to check it out and were stunned to find a group of coyotes in their yard.

Source: Video shows courageous cat fend off 3 coyotes behind California home

VIDEO: Man Falls UNCONSCIOUSLY After Getting Sucker-Punched Caught on Tape – California – WATCH

VAN NUYS, Cal. (KMOV/CNN/KCBS) — Police in California are seeking the public’s help identifying the suspects responsible for severely injuring a man following a road rage incident caught on video.

Authorities say the victim was at a red light in Van Nuys. The suspect was reportedly driving erratically south on woodman avenue.

Then the suspect got behind the victim’s car and started following him.

Both drivers pulled over up the street and got out of the car.

While it’s unknown what the men were talking about – a fight quickly started.

That’s when one of the suspects sucker-punched the victim in the head. He became unconscious and fell to the ground.

Source: Caught on camera: Man sucker-punched in road rage incident

VIDEO: Fighting and Shooting Inside Yard House Restaurant At Northridge Mall, LA – WATCH

NORTHRIDGE (CBSLA) — Video captured a shooting inside of a Yard House restaurant at Northridge Fashion Center that left a 26-year-old man wounded.

According to police, the suspected gang-related shooting occurred at 8:08 p.m. Sunday night inside of the busy restaurant.

An argument was said to have erupted between at least four men. During the chaos, someone pulled out a gun and shot another man.

Source: Video Shows Suspected Gang-Related Shooting Inside Yard House Restaurant At Northridge Mall

VIDEO: 4 suspects Brutally attack, rob man after pulling him off car at gas station in California – WATCH

MODESTO, Calif. — The Modesto Police Department arrested five suspects who were allegedly seen in new surveillance video assaulting a man, just days after assaulting and robbing two others, officials said.

Three of the five suspects were identified as Soben Nun, a 22-year-old from Modesto, and Stockton’s Matthew Phommasinh, 22, and Chan Visna That, 25. Two of the others arrested were teenagers.

Source: Surveillance video appears to show 4 suspects assault man at Modesto gas station