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Brexit Protesters Force Boris Johnson to Leave Luxembourg PM Bettel Alone at Joint Press Conference

Britain’s Boris Johnson said on Monday that a Brexit deal was beginning to emerge, but the EU said he offered nothing to break the impasse during a visit to Luxembourg where he was harangued loudly by protesters. Anna Bevan reports.

Source: Booed in Luxembourg, UK’s Johnson says Brexit deal is emerging

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TRAGEDY! BREXIT Makes 76-year-old Woman To Commit Suicide 9 Days before UK Withdrawal Date 

French national France Marie-Louise Davies’s body was found nine days before the UK’s original Brexit withdrawal date

The 76-year-old’s inquest is believed to be the first where Brexit has been mentioned by the coroner in the verdict.

Her heartbroken husband Peter, 74, said after the hearing: “Six months ago, my EU partner of over 48 years died in tragic circumstances.

Source: Woman kills herself because of fears over Brexit

WATCH: ‘You should be in Brussels negotiating Brexit’ Man BLASTS UK PM Boris Johnson in Middle of Street

While walking the streets of Morley, a market town and civil parish within the City of Leeds metropolitan borough, in West Yorkshire, England the BBC caught an apparent resident who gave him a piece of his mind.

“You’re playing games, ” the man repeated several times.

“He’s been speaking for the last six weeks since he’s been elected and yet he’s said nothing! You’ve said nothing!”

The man was upset at how the British Prime Minister was handling the Brexit nightmare.

“You should be in Brussels negotiating. Where’s the negotiating going on?” he said.

He continued, “You are in Morley, in Leeds. You are playing games,” the man told Johnson after he insisted he was

Source: Boris Johnson Gets An Earful From Man On The Street: ‘You’re Playing Games’

WATCH: Boris Johnson Declares He’d ‘Rather Be DEAD in a Ditch’ than Asking EU for Brexit Extension

Boris Johnson has said he would “rather be dead in a ditch” than ask the EU for an extension to Brexit negotiations, but declined to say whether he would resign rather than do so.

The comments came on another disastrous day for the prime minister, as his own brother Jo walked out of his government in protest at his leadership.

Source: Boris Johnson claims he would ‘rather be dead in a ditch’ than negotiate Brexit extension

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