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UK Election results forecasts: Landslide majority victory for Boris’s Conservative party – WATCH LIVE

Boris Johnson is forecast to win a landslide Conservative majority of 86 in the House of Commons, according to an exit poll commissioned by the BBC, ITV and Sky News.

The survey of voters at polling stations across the UK suggests that Conservatives will win around 368 seats to Labour’s 191, with Liberal Democrats on 13 and the Scottish National Party on 55.

Source: Election results: Exit poll forecasts landslide majority of 86 for Boris Johnson’s Conservative party

VIDEO: ‘For f*ck’s sake’ Boris Johnson hides in a fridge to avoid Piers Morgan interview  – WATCH

Boris Johnson retreated into a fridge to avoid a TV interview, amid rattled nerves at CCHQ over a narrowing in the opinion polls.

The prime minister was ambushed by the Good Morning Britain producer, Jonathan Swain, during a pre-dawn visit to Modern Milkman, a business in the Tory-held constituency of Pudsey, in Yorkshire.

When Swain first approached Johnson, he asked: “Morning prime minister, would you come on Good Morning Britain, prime minister?” Johnson’s aide can be heard mouthing “oh for fuck’s sake” in response.

Source: Boris Johnson ‘hides in a fridge’ to avoid Piers Morgan interview

VIDEO: Boris Johnson takes reporter’s phone, refuses to look at photo of child lying on hospital floor – WATCH

Boris Johnson has been accused of being “heartless” after refusing to look at a photo of a child sleeping on a hospital floor because of a lack of beds.

The Prime Minister was asked about the incident at Leeds General Infirmary, but rather than look at the image of the four-year-old in hospital with suspected pneumonia, he took the phone from the ITV reporter and put it in his pocket.

Source: ‘Heartless’ Boris Johnson takes reporter’s phone after refusing to look at photo of child on hospital floor

VIDEO: Boris Johnson says women get to vote after cars invented ‘because men realiZed women could run them down’ – WATCH

Resurfaced video follows controversial article by PM criticising single mothers

Boris Johnson said female suffrage only happened because men realised women could “run them down” with cars, in a video that has resurfaced on social media.

Mr Johnson made the bizarre comment to Sir Drummond Bone in an interview for the Voices from Oxford website in 2013 after he was asked about his 2007 book on cars, Life in the Fast Lane.

“I think that women’s liberation – female suffrage – probably wouldn’t have happened, if it hadn’t been for the motorcar,” said the prime minister, who was then mayor of London.

“Basically because men realised that women were at the wheel of a machine that could run them down.” 

Source: Boris Johnson said female suffrage only happened after cars invented ‘because men realised women could run them down’

Brexit Protesters Force Boris Johnson to Leave Luxembourg PM Bettel Alone at Joint Press Conference

Britain’s Boris Johnson said on Monday that a Brexit deal was beginning to emerge, but the EU said he offered nothing to break the impasse during a visit to Luxembourg where he was harangued loudly by protesters. Anna Bevan reports.

Source: Booed in Luxembourg, UK’s Johnson says Brexit deal is emerging

WATCH LIVE: Boris John Suspends Parliament & MPs Debate Early Election Amid Brexit Crisis