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Blogging Couple Earn $60,000+ Per Month TRAVELLING THE GLOBE

Building an online business isn’t easy, but this pair of bloggers never gave up on their dreams.

When Greg and Holly Johnson started their blog ClubThrifty.com in 2012, they thought it would be a fun way to document their financial journey.

“We had some student loans and car loans we wanted to pay off,” said Holly. “Once we realized other people were blogging about the same things we were experiencing in real life, we decided to give it a shot.”

Source: Blogging Couple Travels The Globe While Earning $60,000+ Per Month


WATCH: Adorably terrifying video at the top of a 7,000 ft. active volcano as travel blogger proposes to his girlfriend

A travel blogging couple got engaged on top of a 7,000 ft. active volcano — and the video of the occasion is as adorable as it is terrifying.

Jarod, who is one half of “ Our Moving Roots,” popped the question to Alison when they reached the top of Mount Bromo in Indonesia, which is 7,641 ft. above sea-level.

Source: A travel blogger proposed to his girlfriend at the top of a 7,000 ft. active volcano, and the video is as adorable as it is terrifying

Instagram Travel Blogger Recreates Iconic Scenes From Game Of Thrones

As far as telly shows go, Game of Thrones is one of the most beautiful. It has a large budget – which helps – but also makes up a lot of ground by utilising some of …

Source: Instagram Travel Blogger Recreates Iconic Scenes From Game Of Thrones

Here Are Some of the Best Travel Bloggers To Follow

Ready to go on an adventure? You could throw caution to the wind and hit the road without a plan. But, if you need to maximize your time and benefit from your …

Source: Here Are Some of the Best Travel Bloggers To Follow

26 Tips for Writing More Effective, Shareable Blog Post Titles [Infographic]

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Zac Efron launches new travel adventure YouTube channel and video-blog, Off The Grid

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Safety Tips for the Solo Female Traveler

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