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VIDEO: Massive wave swipes stubborn man off rock at California beach – WATCH

Dramatic video of a California beachgoer being swept up by a monster wave last week shows just how dangerous big waves can be.

A fierce Pacific Ocean storm off the Aleutian Islands is sending a giant swell to the Monterey Bay this week.

The video shows a man on the rocks at Bonny Doon Beach. Within 10 seconds, he’s overcome by a giant wave and falls into the bay. He was rescued by Cal Fire and California State Parks rangers.

Source: Dramatic video shows beachgoer swept away by wave

VIDEO: Group of Dolphins Jumping Along Water Stun People at Newport Beach, California – WATCH

WATCH: Stunning video shows a group of dolphins leaping and performing amazing flips through the water.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — A pod of dolphins put on quite a show for whale watchers off Newport Beach on Tuesday.

Video captured a group of about 40 bottlenose dolphins rocketing through the water, leaping into the air and performing some amazing flips.

Source: VIDEO: Jumping dolphins delight sightseers in Newport Beach

20 Best Beaches in Australia

Australia is justifiably famous for its golden-sand beaches. The country is home to an endless number of pristine coves, reefs, and island hideaways and let’s be honest, there really is no such thing as a bad beach Down Under.

But what are the best beaches? To help you find the right beach for your trip, we have put together a list of the most amazing beaches in Australia. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or your partner, you will find the perfect beach for your holiday on this list.

Source: The 20 Best Beaches in Australia

Eew! High Level of Human and Animals Feces in Water at Some of The Most Popular Beaches in America – New Report Revealed

Report reveals California beaches to be among the dirtiest; addiction medicine specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky weighs in on the dangers.

Source: New report reveals high levels of fecal matter in water at beaches

12 Of The Best Beach Clubs In The World

How many resorts can say they have an infinity pool firmly embded in rocky mountainous terrain? Oman offers a once-in-a-lifetime back drop at this stunning getaway. Delicious Turkish delicasies, watersports and a good party vibe are what you’ll find here. Lounge around the Instagrammable Thai-style architecture and spacious lagoon pools at The Palm’s Anantara.

Source: 12 Of The Best Beach Clubs In The World

12 Best Beaches on Long Island

The best Long Island beaches for eating, drinking, family fun, partying, enjoying nature, camping, surfing, and catching some sun.

New York City doesn’t get enough credit for its miles and miles of beaches. We’ve got sand and shore accessible with the swipe of a MetroCard. But when max relaxation calls for a beach day a little farther away, look no further than the isle of Long. Long Island has more beaches than exits on the L.I.E., so choosing the right one for you can be a chore. Each spot has a distinct vibe, pace, and flavor, and one wrong move can turn your staycation into a summer bummer.