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6 Best Beachfront Hotels In Bali

Looking to hit the beach in Bali? These beachfront hotels will keep you close to the white sand and turquoise shores.

Long revered as one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, Bali spoils travelers with epic chances to see forested volcanos, iconic terraced rice paddies, gushing waterfalls and lush tropical greenery. But no Balinese vacation would be complete without a trip to the beach. This Indonesian island’s palm-fringed beaches are famous for their sugary sand and cerulean waters.

Whether you’re a surfer, a snorkeler or a sun-soaker, you’ll want to spend some time along the stunning coastline of this paradise—and the best places to do it are at the beachfront hotels in Bali.

Here are the best six beachfront hotels in Bali:

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6 Best All-Inclusive Resorts In Bali

All-inclusive resorts in Bali spoil travelers with luxurious spa treatments, cultural activities and dining options galore.

All-inclusive resorts in Bali may not be very common, but there are some gems on the island that can bring your vacation dreams to life. These picturesque properties have everything you could want from a tropical island getaway—infinity pools overlooking the sea, private cabanas shaded by blooming frangipani trees, romantic accommodations and plenty of activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay. Plus, the resorts each feature a tempting range of bars and restaurants serving local cuisine and international favorites, saving you the trouble of researching places to eat for every meal.

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6 Best Places To Stay In Bali

From resorts filled with art to secluded wellness retreats, here are the best places to stay in Bali.

Booking a trip to Bali is a no-brainer—the beloved destination is filled with friendly people, fascinating cultural experiences and legendary beaches. But choosing the right place to stay during your time on the island can be a bit trickier. Do you want to hide out in a private cliffside villa with views of the crashing sea? Immerse yourself in authentic Balinese design? Take a relaxing vacation at an all-inclusive resort? Or perhaps you’re looking to nourish your mind, body and soul at a wellness retreat in Bali? You’ve got some tough choices ahead of you.

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6 Best Beach Resorts In Bali

From surf lessons and cultural excursions to award-winning spas and private pools, the beach resorts in Bali have something for every kind of traveler.

The best beach resorts in Bali have something for every type of traveler. They immerse culture buffs in art and designs inspired by the beautiful local surroundings, impress foodies with feasts fit for royalty and pamper wellness-seekers from head to toe. Plus, they offer access to the most pristine beaches away from the crowds on this popular Indonesian island.

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12 best beach clubs in Bali

Bookmark these picturesque sunset spots for your next trip.

6 Best Hotels In Bali

The best hotels in Bali give traveler’s more than luxurious rooms—they immerse them in the culture of the Island of the Gods.

The best hotels in Bali show you what “The Island of the Gods” is all about. They’re situated on the most breathtaking settings for travelers to stay, whether it’s atop a soaring cliff, steps away from a white sand beach or nestled in a tranquil rice field. They incorporate local art and design into even the finest details of the rooms. And they show you a deeper side of this postcard-perfect paradise, offering cultural events, feasts infused with local flavors and once-in-a-lifetime excursions.

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6 Best Resorts in Nusa Dua, Bali

Nusa Dua in Bali is an enclave of lavish resorts, spas and golf courses. Here’s where to stay.

With a name that translates to “two islands,” Nusa Dua, a coastal area in the south of Bali, is distinguished first by its two headlands. Only second to this is its reputation as one of the most upscale stretches of coast on the island. The tropical area features an enclave of lavish resorts, spas and golf courses amid lush foliage overlooking white-sand shores and the azure sea. Continue at Source: The Best Resorts in Nusa Dua, Bali

How to traveled in Bali on just $25 a day

I traveled around one of Indonesia’s most expensive islands while sticking to a very tight budget. Here’s how you can, too.

Bali is often perceived as a beyond-bourgeois destination — a land of expansive resorts and expensive bills, a place where only the rich can enjoy the beaches and beautiful temples.

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10 Gorgeous Bali Jungle Resorts For Couple Trips Or Large Group Holidays Amidst Nature

Living in the concrete jungle that is Singapore, most of us have become accustomed to the sound of cars and the iridescent gleam of city lights. It’s important that we take a moment to escape into the tranquility of mother nature and unwind.

Whether its for a honeymoon with bae or a family vacay, these jungle resorts in Bali let you surround yourself amidst tall trees and thick foliage. They also offer plenty of activities like yoga classes, trekking, and river rafting to keep you occupied.

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The truth about life in Bali according to Kiwis who live there

“I used to think living on a tropical island was a pipe dream. But I did it. And it wasn’t in my plan at all.”

Janine Hall was a burnt-out corporate executive when she made her first trip to Bali, desperately seeking an exit strategy not just from her job but her whole way of life.

Working in marketing for David Jones in Sydney, Hall, who grew up between Auckland and the Coromandel beach town of Whangapoua, was craving “radical” change but had no idea the Indonesian island would provide a long-term solution. Continue at Source: The truth about life in Bali according to Kiwis who live there