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SHOCK VIDEO: Man jumps on head of Muslim pregnant woman wearing Hijab after repeatedly punching her face in Australia – WATCH

A pregnant woman was hospitalised after she was punched and stomped on in what has been described as an “Islamophobic attack” in Sydney, Australia.

Security camera footage shows a man approaching three women wearing hijabs as they chatted in a cafe on Wednesday, Nov 20.

The 43-year-old suspect can be seen lunging across the table to punch a 31-year-old woman before stamping on her head.

It is believed the victim, who is 38 weeks pregnant, was randomly targeted.

Source: Pregnant woman viciously attacked in ‘Islamophobic’ assault in Australia 


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WANTED! Canada manhunt: Police seek 2 teens over killing of American – Australian couple

Police in Canada are searching for two suspects in connection with three murders, including the killings of an American woman and Australian man. Both suspects were said to be on the run and a danger to the public.

Officals said 19-year-old Kam McLeod and 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky had been reported missing before becoming the subject of a manhunt.

Source: Canada manhunt: Police seek teens over couple’s killing

The hottest destinations for travellers in 2019 for Australians

Active experiences are high on the bucket lists of Australian travellers
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Aussies are flocking to these hot spots for immersive travel experiences

A FEW years ago, most Aussie travellers would have been happy to flop and drop at a beach resort or head to one of the world’s most celebrated cities for their dream holidays. Continue at Source: The hottest destinations for travellers in 2019

The Italian influence on Australian culture

Italian art has stood in Australia for three centuries. No wonder why the Italian influence is greatly felt in all facets of Australia life and culture.

Source: The Italian influence on Australian culture

This Australian Company Is Giving Employees 12 Weeks of ‘Life Leave’ Per Year

Employees of an Australian accounting firm will be able to take six to 12 weeks of vacation per year as part of the company’s new “life leave” policy. READ MORE …