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SHOCK: Sydney air quality worse than Shenzhen, China

Sydneysiders have woken to air quality conditions worse than Shenzhen, China.

Air quality in the harbour city has been ranked the ninth poorest in the world on Friday, with the visibility index at every suburban monitoring station reaching “hazardous” levels.

On Friday morning, air quality was the most hazardous across Sydney’s north-west, in Parramatta North, Richmond, St Marys Prospect, Rouse Hill, and in parts of the south-west.


Shocking footage: Woman saves injured koala from raging wildfire in Australia – WATCH

AUSTRALIA (KXAN) — Shocking footage shows a woman rescuing a badly burnt and wailing koala from an Australian bushfire.

The marsupial was spotted crossing a road among the flames in New South Wales Tuesday.

A local woman rushed to the koala’s aid, wrapping the animal in her shirt and a blanket and pouring water over it.

Source: Shocking footage shows woman braving brushfire to save injured koala

WATCH: Man found dead in van ‘sprayed with bullets’ on EastLink, Australia

Homicide squad detectives are investigating the death of a man following a shooting in Donvale during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police and emergency services responded to reports of a car that had spun out, blocking the inbound lanes of EastLink at 2.20am.

The man, who was alone in the vehicle, was found dead inside the car. He is yet to be identified.

Source: Man’s body found in van ‘sprayed with bullets’ on EastLink

Bomb squad rushes to woman’s sex toy vibration at Vienna concert hall, Austria

A bomb squad was deployed in the Austrian capital of Vienna when a woman’s vibrator began buzzing in the handbag she left in the cloakroom of one of the poshest concert halls in the city.

Armed officers together with a bomb squad team rushed to the Konzerthaus in the Austrian capital Vienna where the vibrating bag was identified and examined for traces of explosives.

The cloakroom attendant had been gathering cloaks and bags from music lovers at the posh Viennese concert hall.

Source: Woman’s sex toy sparks terror alert at Vienna concert hall

Blonde mum sends her 6 ‘stinky’ kids to school to ‘gross everyone out” – Australia

Single parent Constance Hall, an Australian blogger, reveals the shortcuts she takes to save time – including letting her kids eat their meals from one plate with their hands

She said: “They don’t have to bath or shower every day.

“They can quite often skip that part of the routine if it’s getting everyone down. I’m like, “Fine, stinky, go to school and gross everyone out”.

“I know it makes them look more loveable when they are all clean and smell fresh, but really, skipping a night bath or morning shower a couple of times a week won’t kill them, ” she added.

Source: Mum sends six ‘stinky’ kids to school because skipping a bath ‘won’t kill them’

Shark Bites Off Man’s Leg in Australia

Two British male tourists were attacked by a shark while snorkeling in Australia. One had his foot bitten off while the other sustained injuries to his right leg, Queensland ambulance officials said.

Source: Man’s foot bitten off by shark while snorkeling off Australia