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WATCH: China’s Confucius program KICKED OUT of Australian schools

Despite finding no evidence of “actual political influence”, the NSW Department of Education will remove the Confucius program from public schools.

Confucius courses in NSW schools, run by Beijing, staff vetted by Beijing, curriculum controlled by Beijing. Unbelievable and unforgivable. – Shane Nunan, Finley

Source: Is closing the Confucius program a xenophobic reaction?


WATCH: CRAZY Footage of Sydney stabbing – Knifeman screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ is taken down by Brit and Aussie heroes armed with CHAIR and MILK CRATE


HEROES have fought off a knife-wielding attacker with a chair before pinning him to the ground with a milk crate after he allegedly stabbed a woman and ran through the streets of Sydney with a huge blade.

The suspect was filmed yelling “Allahu Akbar ” and “shoot me in the f***ing face” as he ran through the Australian city with a bloody knife before brave witnesses – including three Brits – tackled him to the ground.

Source: Man arrested after ‘knifing woman’ in Sydney before running in city with blade

BREAKING: Multiple people stabbed in Sydney CBD by knife-man wearing mask

Multiple people have reportedly been stabbed in Sydney’s CBD by a man wearing a balaclava.

Police on the scene at King Street and Clarence Street have advised people to avoid the area.

“There is a police operation that is ongoing in CBD,” a police spokesperson said.

Emergency services are responding and treating multiple patients.

Witnesses reported seeing multiple police cars and ambulances arriving on the scene.

Source: Multiple people stabbed in Sydney CBD

A man is believed to be in police custody after arming himself with a knife and running through Sydney’s CBD.

A spokeswoman for NSW Police told 7NEWS.com.au the man was taken into custody on Clarence Street, near Wynyard Station, about 2pm Tuesday saying, “It is too early to determine whether there were any injuries.”

Source: Sydney CBD ‘stabbing’: Man with knife taken into custody

Chinese president’s cousin may be connected to organized crime, money laundering

Australian officials say Chinese President Xi Jinping’s cousin, Ming Chai, is part of broad probes of organized crime, money laundering and alleged Chinese influence-peddling

MELBOURNE, Australia—Australian law-enforcement and intelligence agencies are scrutinizing the activities of one of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s cousins as part of broad probes of organized crime, money laundering and alleged Chinese influence-peddling, according to Australian officials.

Among other things, police are looking into the alleged 2017 use by the cousin, Ming Chai, now a 61-year-old Australian citizen, of what they describe as a money-laundering front company that has helped gamblers and suspected mobsters move funds in and out of Australia, some of the officials said.

Investigators are also trying to uncover the source of money Mr. Chai wagered in high-stakes gambling sessions at the Crown Casino in Melbourne and are examining his links to various business partners, including one man under investigation for money-laundering, those officials said.

Over 18 months in 2012 and 2013, Mr. Chai bet about $39 million at the casino, according to Crown documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. In 2015, he was among Crown’s top 50 patrons and projected to bet $41 million, company documents show. The Journal doesn’t have more recent data.

Source: Chinese president’s cousin may be connected to organized crime, money laundering

CRAZY Video shows young girl hit in the face by a bird while riding roller coaster In Australia

One way to make a roller coaster more exciting is to have birds fly directly at the passengers during the ride.

Nicole Ormiston posted the footage to Facebook. In her post, she claims that the young girl, named Paige, was riding the DC Rivals Hypercoaster at the Warner Brothers Movie World park in Queensland. Paige was apparently riding with her uncle when the incident occurred.

DEADLY SEX LIFE Animals Concern: Scientists worried this cute marsupial with a deadly sex life may be extinct in SEQ habitat

The male black-tailed dusky antechinus, discovered in 2014 on the Gold Coast hinterland, drops dead after an intense and stressful mating session.

“But one breeding period is all they are destined to have because the sperm competition also carries physiological baggage – a deadly cocktail of testosterone and stress hormone that ultimately ensures the organ failure and death of every male.”

Source: Scientists worried this cute marsupial with a deadly sex life may be extinct in SEQ habitat

MASSIVE brawl on P&O cruise ship sparked by a passenger ‘dressed as CLOWN’ 

Six people, including three men and three women, were assaulted and injuries included significant bruising and cuts.

A passenger dressed as a clown has sparked a mass brawl on a P&O cruise ship, according to reports.

Families fled as a group of passengers allegedly used furniture and plates as weapons on board the ship, which had left Bergen in Norway 12 hours earlier.

Source: Passenger ‘dressed as clown’ sparks brawl on P&O cruise ship

Australia’s Largest Gambling Crown casino’s links to Asian organised crime exposed

Casino and hotel operator Crown Resorts went into business with tour operators backed by Asia’s most powerful organised crime syndicates as part of its program to attract Chinese high rollers to its casinos.

Crown, which is part-owned by one of Australia’s richest men, James Packer, may also have exploited weaknesses in Australia’s visa processes to fly VIP gamblers into Australia without sufficient vetting..

Source: Crown casino’s links to Asian organised crime exposed

‘You must respect China’ Chinese swimmer Sun Yang to rival Mack Horton

Australian swimmer Mack Horton has reignited his feud with Chinese swimming star Sun Yang — and most of China — by refusing to share the podium with his longtime rival.

“I just won’t share a podium with someone that behaves in the way that he has,” Horton said after the race. When asked how he felt, the 23-year-old Australian summed it up as “frustration,” the ABC reported.
According to Chinese state media CGTN, Sun responded to Horton’s actions, saying: “You could choose not to respect me, but you must respect China.”

Source: Chinese swimmer Sun Yang to rival Mack Horton: ‘You must respect China’

Daughter accused of beheading mother was laughing with her a day before

A daughter was laughing together with her mother just a day before she allegedly stabbed her to death and threw her head in a neighbour’s yard.

Rita Camilleri, 57, was found dead with her body lying in the kitchen of their house in St Clair, western Sydney, about 11.40pm on Saturday.

Her daughter Jessica, 25, allegedly carried her head down the road before leaving it in a neighbour’s front yard. She has been charged with murder.

Friends said the pair were ‘very close’ and were always seen together at the home, with no apparent conflict until the late-night screaming match.