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VIDEO: Brawl over toilet paper amid coronavirus in Australia – WATCH

Police in Australia have urged shoppers not to panic buy during the coronavirus outbreak after a row over loo paper turned violent in a Sydney supermarket.

Footage on social media showed a group of women arguing and fighting in an aisle over a pack of toilet rolls.

Staff had to intervene to separate the customers and police were called.

Following the incident, officers told the public to refrain from panic buying, saying: “It’s not the Thunderdome, it’s not [the movie] Mad Max, we don’t need to do that.”

Source: Brawl over toilet paper in Sydney supermarket over coronavirus fears

Emotional VIDEO: Australian Woman Comforts KANGAROO amid Devastating Wildfire Spreading

This is happening in Australia, while the world is focused on seeing how big Trump has it, scared animals, 500 million dead. Dead people, missing. Hectares burned, as if Belgium suddenly disappeared. It has to go viral. We need help.

Amazing VIDEO: Dolphin surprises people by swimming with them at Australian beach – WATCH

🐬  AUSTRALIA — It was just a normal day at the beach in southeastern Australia, until a dolphin decided to make a surprise entrance.

Beachgoers at Kingscliff in New South Wales were delighted when the animal swam up to the shorline, apparently unbothered by the crowd of people.

The magical moment was caught on camera on January 4.

Source: VIDEO: Dolphin swims among delighted beachgoers in Australia

VIDEO: Australian bird mimics emergency siren sound during New South Wales Wildfires – WATCH

An Australian magpie  has been caught on camera mimicking the sound of emergency vehicle sirens during the bushfire crisis affecting large parts of the country.

Almost 400 homes have been confirmed as destroyed in New South Wales alone in the past week, with thousands of people told to evacuate coastal communities.

The Australian magpie, voted bird of the year by Guardian Australia readers in 2017, is well known for mimicking the sounds it hears most frequently, such as dogs and car alarms.

Source: Australian magpie mimics emergency siren during NSW bushfires – video

500,000,000 of animals BURNED ALIVE, killed by Australia’s wildfires – WATCH

Almost half a billion animals have been killed in Australia’s raging wildfires with fears entire species may have been wiped out.

Ecologists from the University of Sydney now estimate 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles have been lost since September with the figure likely to continue to soar.

Devastating fires have ripped through the states of Victoria and New South Wales in the past couple of days alone, leaving several people dead or missing.

Source: Nearly 500,000,000 animals have been killed in Australia’s wildfires

Dramatic VIDEO- Driving in Hell: Firefighters’ truck surrounded by wildfire in Australia – WATCH

New South Wales fire and rescue service has released video of firefighters navigating their truck through an intense inferno. At least 11 people have been killed in the wildfires since October.

Source: Dramatic video shows Australian firefighters’ truck surrounded by wildfire