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10 of the best things to do in Vevey, Switzerland

On 18 July, the peaceful town of Vevey, on the shores of Lake Geneva near Montreux, transforms into party central as it hosts one of the world’s biggest (and rarest) wine festivals. The Fête des Vignerons – which was granted Unesco intangible cultural heritage status in 2016 – was founded in 1797 to honour the wine-makers of the Lavaux wine region, one of Switzerland’s premier wine appellations.

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10 Places In America That All Europeans Want To Visit

America is a huge country with hundreds of cities worth visiting. Europeans should prioritize these areas above anything else.

America is a pretty crazy place, and that much goes without saying. Many of us consider it to be our home, but for people outside of the bubble, it can come across as being a little bit strange – and understandably so.

There are a variety of reasons for this line of thought, but even with that being the case, there’s still a great deal of excitement in the air whenever foreigners make the trip over. Europeans, especially, are fascinated by the prospect of a vacation in the States, and there are many phenomenal locations that they typically want to see.

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10 Most Instagrammable Locations In Russia

Russia is a dream destination for many travelers. The vast country is full of fascinating history showcased through museums and ancient buildings, stunning architecture, and gorgeous natural landscape that takes your breath away. It’s hard to narrow down the most beautiful locations within the country that will give you plenty of opportunities to get a good Instagram shot, but we’ve managed to single out a few unmissable highlights.

Visit these locations for some of the most phenomenal scenery you’ve ever seen, experiences that only come along once in a lifetime, and adventures that you’ll remember forever.

Check out our list of the 10 most Instagrammable locations in Russia!

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10 Of The Most Overrated Tourist Attractions In Europe (& What to See Instead)

People might flock to Hollywood to catch a glimpse of their favorite movie stars or make the eternity-long journey Down Under in search of drop bears, but no region boasts quite a diverse and vibrant allure as the European continent.

Made up of 44 countries, Europe has an almost never-ending list of intriguing places to visit. As expected, however, tourists tend to gravitate to the already-beaten path, echoing trips that friends or family have come home raving about. Unfortunately, when that happens, iconic landmarks become overrun with foreigners and can never live up to the almighty reputation thrust upon them.

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5 Underrated Los Angeles Attractions (5 Overflowing With Tourists)

47.3 million visitors take the trip to Los Angeles each and every year, thrilled to witness first-hand some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. The magic inside the gates of Disneyland and Universal Studios attract the young and the young at heart from all corners of the globe, while The Hollywood Walk of Fame and Beverly Hills lure in the movie fanatics – those who are itching to snap an Insta pic with their favorite celeb’s star. If they’re lucky, maybe even the celebs themselves!

From the wonderful Griffith Park to the dreadful crush of Hollywood Boulevard, here are some of the highs and lows of Los Angeles tourism.

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7 Best Things To Do In Oslo

Oslo lies between the mountains and the sea, which is not to imply that the town was built by skiers and sailors, but it does imply that there are enjoyable things to do indoors and out. Summer or winter, walking is the best way to get around, and in fact, if you are in Norway during ski season, rent some cross-country skis and spend the afternoon on bracing trails. It will be your introduction to the hearty appreciation of winter that is at the very bottom of every Norwegian’s soul.

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10 Beaches So Gorgeous They Look Fake

Many of us dream of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Whether we are jumping in to enjoy activities like snorkeling and surfing or whether we prefer to lounge on a towel with a drink in hand in order to work on that tan, a tropical vacation can be just what the doctor ordered!

If anyone out there is planning that dream trip (or even just creating a drool-worthy bucket list), be sure to add these locales to that to-do list; each one is better than the next, almost too good to be true, and so gorgeous that it seems fake. Continue at Source: 10 Beaches So Gorgeous They Look Fake

7 Best Attractions In Orlando

From Walt Disney World to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Gatorland, Orlando has magical experiences for the whole family.

There’s so much to do in Orlando that there’s no way you can fit it all into one trip. The new and classic theme parks alone make this Florida city a vibrant entertainment hub for all ages. Whether you prefer Disney princesses, Harry Potter or just hanging out with alligators, here are 7 of the best attractions in Orlando. Continue at Source: The 7 Best Attractions In Orlando

7 Must-See Attractions In Vienna

You don’t have to find the things to do in Vienna so much as they find you. Whether it’s just taking a walk through the Naschmarkt, the splendid open-air food market on the west side of town, lounging with the papers over an excellent cup of coffee in Cafe Diglas, picnicking with the Viennese as they take in the open-air films in the mayor’s office forecourt, booking a concert at the renowned Vienna Philharmonic, or hitting one of the party barges lining the Danube, it’s all there, easy and natural. Vienna suggests its own pleasures. Here are the some must-see attractions while in Vienna. Continue at Source: Best Things To Do In Vienna

10 Unique Attractions You Can Only Experience In Korea

Beauty, culture, and uniqueness – Korea offers many attractions that satisfy all three of these criteria.

While there is tons of history that South Korea has to offer, the Land of the Morning Calm also has quite a wild side to it. Beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and technological advancements are not all that Korea is known for. It is also loved for all of the wonderfully bizarre concepts that are open for anyone to visit.

You may be surprised to learn about some of the lesser known things waiting to be discovered in Korea. With a population of 51 million people, there’s guaranteed to be a couple of oddballs with some brilliant ideas for entertainment. Here are 10 unique attractions you can only experience in Korea. Continue at Source: 10 Unique Attractions You Can Only Experience In Korea