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WATCH LIVE: President Trump Rally in Phoenix, Arizona

President Trump is rallying supporters in Phoenix, Arizona, on Wednesday night, while former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg takes his first shot on the Democratic debate stage. The president is on the second day of his West Coast swing through California, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona ahead of major primaries. Mr.

Trump has been bashing Bloomberg on Twitter as the Democrat rises in the polls, thanks in large part to the hundreds of millions of dollars he’s spending on television ads.


VIDEO: Slash Trump’s Throat! Suck my F*cking Balls, Man Terrorizes Arizona State University after Trump’s Acquittal 

Law enforcement officials at Arizona State University are reportedly investigating a video that went viral late on Wednesday that showed a man screaming violent statements about Republicans.

Students for Trump at ASU posted the video on Twitter, writing, “CRAZY LEFTIST ON COLLEGE CAMPUS Watch as a tolerant leftist threatens to ‘slash the throat’ of [President Trump] and every Republican.

Source: WATCH: Man Explodes At ASU: ‘Slash Republicans’ Throats!’ Police Investigating.

Dying Mother collapses on 4-month-old baby, both killed – Arizona – WATCH

TEMPE, Ariz. (KPHO/KTVK/CNN) – The sudden death of an Arizona mother became a double tragedy when she fell on her 4-month-old son, suffocating him, according to police.

Flowers, a balloon and stuffed animals formed a memorial outside the Tempe, Arizona, townhome, where 38-year-old Larinique Meadows and her son, 4-month-old Denari Meadows, were found dead Saturday evening.

Investigators believe the mother had a medical emergency. She had been researching chest pains on her phone, but there is no record of her trying to call 911.

Source: Dying Arizona mom collapses on 4-month-old baby, suffocating him

Vibrator goes wrong: Sex toy gets stuck in woman’s bladder – Arizona – WATCH


MESA, AZ ( 3TV/CBS 5) – An Arizona woman is recovering from surgery after getting a sex toy stuck in her bladder. It’s a case that stunned emergency room doctors and an OBGYN, and that woman spoke out to Arizona’s Family warning others about the product she used.

She’s asked we keep her name anonymous. Her pleasure turned to pain in an instant. “Every time it went off it was like my entire abdomen was vibrating,” the Mesa woman said.

Source: Mesa woman gets emergency surgery after vibrator gets stuck in her bladder

CHILLING: Mom Sings to Her 3 Babies as She Kills Them One by One – WATCH

The Arizona mother accused of killing her three young children sang to them as she killed them, with her oldest child fighting her to save his little sister, say police.

Rachel Henry, 22, of Phoenix, was arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree murder after allegedly killing her children, aged 3 years; almost 2 years; and 7 months, on Monday night, the City of Phoenix Police Department says in a statement.

Henry allegedly confessed to killing son Zane Henry, 3, and daughters Miraya Henry, almost 2, and Catalaya Rios, 7 months, say police.

While “wrestling on top of her,” AZ Family reports, “Rachel felt the one-year-old female’s breathing was obstructed but continued to impede her breath by placing her hand over the 1-year-old female’s mouth.”

The child struggled and began kicking her, prompting 3-year-old Zane to yell at her “in an attempt to get her to stop,” the report says.

He then began “punching her to no avail,” it says.

She knew the child was dead “when she stopped kicking,” it says.

Zane was next. After a relative came over and “interrupted her” by playing with him, she took him into another room.

After placing him on the floor, she “straddled him with one of her legs and placed her hand over his nose and mouth.”

While Henry allegedly held the boy down, she began “singing to the 3-year-old male as he was scratching her chest and pinching her while she placed her hand over his nose and mouth “to smother him until he died,” the report says.

Source: Ariz. Mom Allegedly Sang to Kids During Smothering Murders, as Boy, 3, Fought Her to Save Siblings

Knife-Armed Man Shot and Killed by Good Guy with A Gun – Arizona – WATCH

Police say a man armed with a large knife was shot and killed by another man at a Phoenix apartment complex.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the shooting happened Sunday afternoon near Hazelwood Street and 26th Drive. When officers arrived at the scene, they found 28-year-old Dontae Ray McGinty who had been shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say witnesses said McGinty was shot by a 25-year-old man after he tried to stab another person. A large knife was found in McGinty’s hand at the scene.

The 25-year-old man who shot McGinty cooperated with police and dialed 911 after the shooting. He was taken into custody for questioning and released.

Source: PD: Man with large knife shot, killed by another man at Phoenix apartments