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Andrew Yang Was Absolutely Right That It’s ‘Too Late’ Over Climate Change, NASA Scientist Says

Scientists at NASA have just backed Andrew Yang on his dark but realistic climate change response from the second Democratic debate weeks ago. 

Immediately after the debate political pundits criticized the presidential candidate for saying that people should start moving away from the coast since it will only get warmer in a few years no matter how well we do on curbing emissions.

“The important number in this is 15 percent of global emissions,” said Yang. “We like to act as if we’re 100 percent. Even if we were to curb our emissions dramatically, the Earth is going to get warmer. The last four years have been the four warmest years in history. We are too late. We are 10 years too late.”

Source: Andrew Yang Was Absolutely Right That It’s ‘Too Late’ Over Climate Change, NASA Scientist Says


WATCH: Andrew Yang Doing the Cupid Shuffle with Dancing Class at the Black Chamber of Commerce in Beaufort

WATCH: Andrew Yang MOCKS President Trump ‘FAT’ just could beat him at an ‘EATING CONTEST’

And I championing crap on the trail too often because I need to stay in presidential form. Where this campaign. No one wants. You know like president who doesn’t seem like that and run a mile. I think I don’t know to think about him it’s on this one. Me I don’t think don’t prompted Romano. You would view has endured internal watchdog for problem be hysterical. Was like I always like to meteor something. Is home wants Kutcher to try to read about B. Like like got stuck be so amazing the American people. Trying to wants I say he’d like passes out like the courtroom mark. Oh yeah now I just don’t feel that any physical or mental feed under the sun and jobs market like IB yet being a slop. He’s been bears I was having fun sport truck challenge questions. Oh necessary continue to recite it. Is an. I can do approximately infinity more pushups than Donald Trump and I would. I mean I don’t think it’s I think Friday about. I think pride in my ear ability to do persistent. But look look but I don’t wanna go through this and electorally like what could Donald Trump possibly be better than me. And eating contest. Like something that involves like trying to keep summing on the ground and having really large body mass like if there was a hot air balloon that was rising and you need to destroyed keeping on the ground. You’d be better than me at that because he’s. This so fat. After. He might feel of the union golf dawn told he cheats a lot so who knows what is true golf abilities. What else in the us both from time. All right Donald Trump I challenge you did this and about any physical or intellectual feed. Because your terrible president and America would look to see you pass out trying to Panama. Thank you.

Anderson Cooper to Andrew Yang: Would You Get Elon Musk as Your Vice President?

COOPER: “Vice presidential candidate perhaps?”

YANG: “I don’t think he wants that job, Anderson. I think he’ll be like SpaceX, Tesla, vp, I have a feeling vp might lose in that horse race.”

Source: Anderson Cooper to Andrew Yang: Would You Get Elon Musk as Your VP?

WATCH: Dem Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang chokes up on stage discussing gun control

Source: Andrew Yang gets emotional discussing gun control

WATCH: “COINCIDENT”! Andrew Yang AVOIDS Linking President Trump to El Paso, Dayton shootings, but Not Expects Trump to Change his Rhetoric

2020 candidate Andrew Yang reacts to two mass shootings in 13 hours in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH: “We need to have a federal domestic terrorism statute on the books.”

Source: Andrew Yang discusses gun reform in response to El Paso, Dayton shootings

WATCH: Andrew Yang explains his ‘freedom dividend’ plan, a primary part of his presidential campaign


Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang explains his ‘Freedom Dividend’ plan, a primary part of his campaign.

Source: Andrew Yang explains his ‘freedom dividend’ plan

WATCH: Andrew Yang IMPRESSIVE Closing Statement at CNN Democratic Presidential Debate 2019

“We’re up here with makeup on our faces, and our rehearsed attack lines, playing roles in this reality TV show. It’s one reason we elected a reality TV star as our president.”

WATCH: Andrew Yang says immigrants are being scapegoated for ‘Wall-to-Wall Robots’ in Factories- CNN Presidential Debate

Businessman and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang on Wednesday said immigrants are being used as scapegoats for economic issues facing the U.S.

“I’m the son of immigrants myself,” Yang said at the Democratic primary debate in Detroit. “My father immigrated here as a graduate student and generated over 60 U.S. patents for GE and IBM. I think that’s a pretty good deal for the United States. That’s the immigration story we need to be telling. We can’t always be focusing on some of the distress stories.”

“If you go to a factory here in Michigan, you will not find wall-to-wall immigrants, you will find wall-to-wall robots and machines,” he continued. “Immigrants are being scapegoated for issues they have nothing to do within our economy.”

Source: Yang says immigrants are being scapegoated

WATCH: Andrew Yang says we need the opposite of Trump which is an Asian man who likes math – CNN DEBATE