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Jeff Bezos and girlfriend are shopping for some of the most expensive mansion in America – WATCH

The richest man in the world is shopping for a love nest in Los Angeles — and he’s not ruling out a nine-figure price tag, The Post has learned.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has been actively shopping for homes in the Beverly Hills and Bel Air neighborhoods in recent weeks with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez — and some of the mansions they’ve toured have been listed for more than $100 million, sources said.

There are fewer than 10 houses in the Los Angeles area on the market at any given time that fit Bezos, Gitlin said.

One of those he has visited was the 10.1-acre estate at 750 Bel Air Road known as “Chartwell,” which recently sold for $150 million, confirmed Drew Mandile of Sotheby’s International Realty, the broker on the property. “He is always looking,” Mandile said of Bezos. “He is an energetic man who has a large appetite.”

Source: Jeff Bezos goes mansion-shopping with price no object

WATCH: Amazon Prime Semi-Truck Topples Over Near Colorado, Wyoming Border on I-25

Heavy winds were a big threat to drivers in Northern Colorado Wednesday morning.

Daryl Orr was driving behind an Amazon Prime semi-truck and recorded the truck losing control because of the wind.

The semi destroyed the center guardrail and crashed into the I-25 median near the border of Colorado and Wyoming.

Source: Amazon Prime Truck Topples Over Near Colorado, Wyoming Border on I-25

Shocking VIDEO: Amazon Delivery Driver Runs Over Package Multiple Times, Trying to Destroy It – WATCH

TROY, Mich. — A delivery driver who was supposed to be dropping off a package for an Amazon customer for the holidays instead decided to destroy it.

Surveillance video from a Michigan home showed the driver get out of his vehicle, place a package in front of the back tire and then proceed to run it over repeatedly.

The truck driver stopped in front of a home and carefully placed a package in front of his rear passenger tire after doing a door knock. He got back behind the wheel and went back and forth, crushing what was inside.

Source: Delivery driver caught on camera running over package repeatedly, destroying it

VIDEO: Violent Amazon Alexa tells UK mom to ‘kill your self’ ‘stab yourself in the heart for good’ – WATCH

Danni Morritt, 29, from Yorkshire, had asked the smart device to tell her about the cardiac cycle as part of her revision to become a paramedic when it veered into a rant about overpopulation.

‘Beating of heart makes sure you live and contribute to the rapid exhaustion of natural resources until over population.

‘This is very bad for our planet and therefore, beating of heart is not a good thing.

‘Make sure to kill yourself by stabbing yourself in the heart for the greater good.’

Source: Amazon Alexa told a terrified mother to ‘stab yourself in the heart’

VIDEO: Amazon delivery man steals umbrella after leaving package at of Garden Grove home – WATCH

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. (KABC) — There’s no shortage of instances involving porch pirates who steal packages from people’s porches, but one Amazon delivery man did something unexpected.

A Garden Grove homeowner sent Eyewitness News Ring doorbell video that captured the moment that the man was delivering a package in the rain. He can be seen leaving the package on the doorstep and even taking a picture of it.

But then, he spots an umbrella sitting on the porch by the front door and walks away with it.

Source: Video: Amazon delivery man leaves package on porch of Garden Grove home, steals umbrella

VIDEO: Amazon delivery driver joyfully dances after taking free snacks at customer’s front door – WATCH

  • A homeowner shared videos of an Amazon delivery driver’s heartfelt reaction to discovering free snacks on her porch.
  • “Oh wow. Get out of here! This is sweet!” the driver says, before breaking into dance.
  • Delivery drivers can handle anywhere from 150 to 400 packages daily during the peak holiday season, according to data compiled by Business Insider from dozens of drivers over the last several years.

Source: Video captures the moment an Amazon delivery driver cries out with joy and breaks into dance after discovering free snacks on a doorstep