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WATCH: Spirit Airlines passengers scream in TERROR as BAT flies through the plane cabin travelling at 37,000ft 

PASSENGERS travelling with Spirit Airlines were left screaming in terror after a bat flew through the cabin mid-flight.

The bat was spotted 30 minutes after the flight took off according to one of the passengers.

Twitter user Peter Scattini tweeted a video of the bat with the caption: “There is deadass a bat on this Spirit Airline.”

He joked: “Me, twice a year: ‘I’ll never fly Spirit again.’

“Me, this morning, after deciding I’d rather save 12 dollars.”

In the video, the bat flies down the middle of the cabin while a child screams in shock.

Source: Spirit Airlines passengers scream in terror as bat flies through the plane cabin


OMG! WATCH This flight attendant greets passengers from the overhead luggage compartment of Southwest Airline

Imagine passengers’ surprise when a Southwest Airlines employee issued her greetings from the overhead bin space. The reaction to the Nashville to Atlanta flight? “It was pretty hilarious.”

(CNN) — One Southwest Airlines employee literally put herself into the travel fray when it came to jockeying for overhead bin space.
Passenger Veronica Lloyd was surprised to find a flight attendant in the overhead compartment on her flight from Nashville to Atlanta on Monday.
“She was up there for about five minutes. More than half the flight was boarded before she got down,” Lloyd said. “It was pretty hilarious.”
“She was greeting passengers as they walked by,” Lloyd added.

Source: This flight attendant pulled a funny fast one on passengers

10 Things Only People Who Fly First Class Know

All coach passengers have experienced pangs of jealousy as they pass the First and Business Class seats on their way to their simple seat at the back of the plane, with limited legroom and a single itchy blanket for comfort. That jealousy is understandable: the conditions in First Class are often even more amazing than coach passengers know. Continue at Source: 10 Things Only People Who Fly First Class Know

10 Weirdest Rules Airlines Have That You Never Knew Existed

Some say that flying is their favorite part of traveling, while others may disagree, given that the height of the plane, the noises it makes, and just the fact that you are in a very heavy piece of machinery is enough reason for some to avoid planes altogether. Continue at Source: The 10 Weirdest Rules Airlines Have That You Never Knew Existed

10 Best Airlines In The World, According To 21 Million Travelers

With so many airlines out there these days it’s hard to know which are the best. 21 million travelers have an answer for you.

Flying has never been better, easier, or cheaper than it is now. Sure, isolated bad experiences still happen, but the overall user-experience of flying is crazy good these days. One of the biggest indicators of how much better air travelhas become is the advent of full-on luxury experiences in the sky. Continue at Source: The Best Airlines In The World, According To 21 Million Travelers

100 World’s best airlines for 2019 revealed by Skytrax

The public has voted: The 2019 countdown of the world’s best airlines has been revealed at the Paris Air Show, with the winning airline taking the top spot for the fifth time

The results are in — Qatar Airways is back on top with flying colors, nabbing the top spot at the 2019 Skytrax World Airline Awards.

10 Of The Best Airline Lounges In The World


Traveling can be tiring, even at the best of times. Some of us relish the opportunity to travel, whereas others would prefer not to. Nevertheless, sometimes it just must be done, whether it is to seal that big business deal or to relax on an island beach soaking up the rays.

Traveling by air can be exhausting, but here are 10 super-luxurious airline lounges for those who will only accept the best. Continue at Source: 10 Of The Best Airline Lounges In The World

All of The Best Airlines in the World – FODOR’S TRAVEL

We love Delta because their planes are some of the newest in the skies, and they fly everywhere. Not only does Delta itself fly passengers to over 325 destinations around the world, but it also partners with SkyTeam and their 1,150 worldwide destinations (and 19 partner airlines) so there’s basically nowhere in the world that they don’t go (plus, you can take two carry-ons to every one of those destinations, even if you’re flying Basic Economy). Continue at Source: Airlines

20 Best Airlines for Customer Service

Here are the 20 best airlines for customer service ranked from first to 20th based upon on-time performance, comfort, food, and complaints.

Whether you fly once a year or zigzag the world weekly, everyone has an opinion about airlines. Here are the 20 best airlines for customer service ranked from first to 20th; the rankings are based upon on-time performance, comfort, food, and how they handle complaints.

Explore 5 ultimately luxury world First Class airline suites

From in-flight showers to video chats with flight attendants when you don’t feel like getting up, here’s what you could be enjoying in the skies.

If the 1960s were the Golden Age of travel, the twenty-teens are the diamond age. Gone are the cigarettes, La-Z-Boy-style seats, and pungent smells of jet fuel; in their place are massive suites, showers in the clouds, and caviar collections fit for a Russian czar. Don’t forget the bespoke bedding and bone china collaborations for in-flight afternoon tea, either.

While many airlines have folded their first class into business in the midst of strict corporate travel policies, a few have pushed their suites to soaring new heights. If you’re looking for the best in the sky, these first-class cabins are everything—and more.

Source: The Most Over-the-Top First Class Airline Suites