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WATCH: ‘Brave’ Black Student Defies President Trump To Become An Astronaut

President Donald Trump went off-script and attacked astronauts as a career choice at an event for Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs). The president made the anti-science rant while congratulating his administrations work with HBCUs.

“To give just a few examples, NASA is expanding outreach to HBCUs who want to become scientists, engineers and even astronauts,” Trump said.

“I don’t know about the astronaut,” he added, breaking from prepared remarks. “I don’t want to be an astronaut.”

Source: Trump discourages black college students from becoming astronauts in bizarre anti-science rant


WATCH LIVE: President Trump Addresses Black Colleges & Universities Week Conference HBCU 2019 – Washington D.C.

WATCH: TV News Anchor Compares Black Co-Host to Gorilla: ‘He Kinda Looks Like You’ LIVE ON AIR

‘Oh my goodness, take a look at him’

Source: News Anchor Compares Black Co-Anchor to Gorilla: ‘He Kinda Looks Like You’

WATCH: Tearful News Anchor Apologizes Black Co-host After Comparing Him to Gorilla


(CNN) – A morning TV anchor in Oklahoma apologized a day after likening her black cohost to a gorilla.

Alex Housden said a gorilla at the Oklahoma City Zoo “kind of looks like you” to her colleague, Jason Hackett, at the end of a feature on KOCO-TV, a CNN affiliate, on Thursday.

She addressed what she called hurtful comments on the next day’s show.

“I said something yesterday that was inconsiderate, it was inappropriate, and I hurt people,” a tearful Housden said to the audience and Hackett.

Source: TV anchor apologizes after comparing black cohost to gorilla

WATCH: Body camera video shows Colorado police shoot black man multiple times in the back to death – De’Von Bailey Shooting

DENVER (Reuters) – Body camera footage from two Colorado policemen who shot and killed a black man earlier this month shows the 19-year-old was shot multiple times in the back as he fled officers about to question him about an armed robbery.

De’Von Bailey was fatally shot on Aug. 3 by officers of the Colorado Springs Police Department, who said the teenager was armed with a handgun. The video does not show Bailey brandishing a weapon at officers, but a handgun was found in his pants after the shooting.

The man’s death sparked outrage and protests from the African-American community and Bailey’s family, who said through their lawyers that Bailey did not pose a threat to officers.

Source: Body camera video shows Colorado police fatally shooting suspect in back

CRAZY Video shows 3 teen girls BRUTALLY beaten by group of 20 kids to the point of concussion

WASHINGTON — Three teenage cousins claim a group of about 20 kids jumped them as they were coming out of the Shaw Library Monday night.

The youngest, 14-year-old Zhariah Jones, said she was targeted by a girl who has been bullying her for years.

“They were surrounding me, and they told me to fight her, and I told them I didn’t want to fight, so the girl swung first, and we got into a fight,” said the 14-year-old. “They started banging my head into the curb… They was kicking me in my back . They was kicking me in my head. …when they was jumping me, my cousin jumped in to help me.”

Jones, Irvy, and Irvy’s sister, 18-year-old Na’asia Hawkins all suffered concussions from the incident. Jones came away with a swollen face. Irvy’s neck and fingers were also fractured.