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SCARY!!! Playland “The Beast” breaks down mid-ride

It was a day to remember at Playland, but not for the right reasons after one of the rides broke down with people still on board.

Laura Ballance with Playland says The Beast broke down in what she describes as a parts issue, but she is happy in how the staff reacted.

I’m happy to say that our ride operations team did exactly what they were trained to do, which was to bring the ride to a slow stop, and the ride did what it was designed to do in coming to that gradual stop,” says Ballance.

Ride-goers heard a loud noise while the ride was running. Everyone was able to get off without injury.

Source: Playland attraction “The Beast” breaks down mid-ride


WATCH: Young woman catches terrifying MONSTER fish emerging from bottom of lake with her bare hands

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HERE’S THE VIDEO!! 🐋 – It’s hard to tell what all was happening because it was a deeper hole. The water was over my head (not saying much since I’m only 5ft tall) so @jeffbarron70 tied a rope around my waist just in case (safety first!). @charl3sfarm3r had the wire gate you see towards the end of the video blocking the hole to keep her from getting out when I would come up for air. Took me 3 times going down to grab her. She was so fast biting me, either biting the side of my arm or swallowing me up past my wrist every time, that it was hard to grab her. She was VERY aggressive to be such a big fish. When I finally got my arm between her gills and her gill plate, Charles moved the gate, and I STILL had a hard time getting her out of the hole. This is when I realized just how big she was. I remember being under water with her kicking to get to the top. Most of the fight was underwater where the video can’t show, then feeling Dad pull the rope when he knew I had the fish. @gavinr5 and @neal_carlton we’re standing on the structure, and Gavins laugh at the end is great 😂 it was a team effort getting her and me both in the boat since I wasn’t letting go! The video cut off right as I started screaming loud enough to rattle everyone’s windows in Illinois 😇 🎥: @blake.wollerman15 – I can’t thank y’all enough for having us out! Another year, another PB in Illinois! A YouTube video from the whole trip will be out SOON! I even have videos of getting bit and coming up the first 2 times laughing like a maniac 😂 – – – #GetBit #HoggOn #Noodling #Grabbling #HandFishing #Fishing #Flathead #Catfish

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A BIKINI-clad woman dived head-first into a murky lake – before emerging with a monster catfish hanging off her arm.

Hannah Barron, 23, made the huge catch on a hunting trip to Illinois – and shared a picture to her 530k Instagram followers.

One impressed Facebook user said: “What a huge fish, if one of those bites me I don’t know what I would do.”

Source: Woman catches terrifying monster fish emerging from bottom of lake with her bare hands

CRAZY Video Shows Tsunami-size Wave Strikes at Chinese Water Park, More Than 40 Injured as Wave Machine Malfunctions

CHANGCHUN, China: An operating malfunction caused the wave machine at a water park in China’s Jilin province to create enormous waves, injuring 44 people.

The accident at the Yulongshuiyun Water Park in the city of Longjing happened at around 2.40pm on Monday (Jul 29), Xinhua news agency reported the municipal publicity department as saying.

Videos on social media show the moment the wave struck the crowded wave pool. The force of the wave was enough to carry some swimmers out of the pool.

Source: 44 injured at Chinese water park after wave machine malfunctions

WATCH: Lion Sneaks Up on Children at Zoo in New Orleans

One of the new lions at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans tried to sneak up on a little boy over the weekend. The surreal moment was captured on video.

Source: Lion Sneaks Up on Boy at Zoo

The 10 Best Horseback Riding Tours On The Planet

It’s great when you can combine your love for travel and horseback riding. We look at the 10 best horseback riding tours in beautiful locations.

For horse lovers who love to travel, nothing is more magical than when those two passions are combined. Several companies now offer specialized horseback riding tours to a variety of locations around the world, and one of the most popular is Globetrotting. Based in Australia, these riding experts take their tours to all corners of the globe and cater to people of every country.

Giant humen-sized jellyfish spotted by divers

The huge barrel jellyfish, as big as a human, was seen off the coast of Cornwall.

Divers have swum with a huge barrel jellyfish off the coast of Cornwall.

Lizzie Daly, a biologist with Wild Ocean Week, said the creature was as big as her body.

It is the largest species of jellyfish which is found in British waters, with the average diameter being about 40cm (16 inches).… continue at Giant jellyfish spotted by divers

10 Best Non-Disney Theme Parks Ranked

School is out, and summer is in full swing! That means it’s time to plan some family fun this season, and often that means a visit (or two, or three!) to a local theme park. Or perhaps you are planning to travel somewhere and are curious about what theme parks might be around.

The temptation to visit Disney theme parks is always there because we all grew up longing to meet The Mouse and visit Cinderella’s Castle. Perhaps you got to go there as a child, or perhaps that dream still has yet to be fulfilled. Either way, thousands of people flock to Disney’s magical gates every year, spending fortunes on the experience. While Disney is totally awesome and all, there are other amusement parks that are just as much fun (and cost a fraction of what Disney costs!). Here are the 10 best non-Disney theme parks, ranked.… continue reading  Ranked: The 10 Best Non-Disney Theme Parks

10 Reasons To Visit New York City In The Winter

From ice skating at Rockefeller Center to festive Christmas markets, these 10 reasons to visit NYC in the winter will have you booking a ticket fast.

There is no shortage of excuses to visit the sprawling metropolis, and as a result, it’s one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, sitting atop many a bucket list. The crowds swoop in to see the sights in summer, and more often than not, leave before the chilly winter sets it. That’s definitely to their own detriment! The colder winter months are when this concrete jungle really comes out to play, so don’t forego a visit simply because you can’t handle a bit of windchill. Here are 10 reasons to visit New York City in the winter.… continue reading 10 Reasons To Visit New York City In The Winter

10 perfect places to go stargazing across Essex

Where can you see the stars and planets?

Is there anything more peaceful and beautiful that gazing up at the stars in the night sky?

The main thing you need to stargaze is a quiet area that’s not too built up, and luckily there are plenty of places like this in our lovely county.

The coast is a great place to start but there are other areas where you can get a great view of the stars.

If you love a bit of stargazing, or would like to investigate further, Essex Live has dug out the best towns and parks where you’re sure to see something special.

We also spoke to James Hannan from the North Essex Astronomical Society who shared his top tips if you’re just getting started. Continue at Source: 10 perfect places to go stargazing across Essex

8 Fun And Adventurous Day Trips To Take Near Tampa Before Summer Is Over

Florida adventure is calling!

Every once in a while, we just need a little trip. Something that will give us a little escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Whether you need a serene escape or something to break up the monotony of everyday life, this list has your fun things to do covered.

The best part about Tampa is that it’s centrally located and close to so many exciting places to visit, including some gorgeous wonders of nature. From encounters with animals and aerial adventures to stunning spring & river runs and nature preserves, you’ll want to go to every place on this list of 8 day-trips near Tampa this summer. Continue at Source: Fun And Adventurous Day Trips To Take Near Tampa This Summer