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VIDEO: Baby sinking into pool bottom saved by 9-year-old girl and godmother – Michgan – WATCH

LIVONIA, Mich. — A quick-thinking 9-year-old is being called a hero for alerting adults to a deadly danger at a Holiday Inn Express Pool.

Dozens of people were enjoying the hotel pool on Jan. 24 in Livonia, Michigan.

Surveillance video shows a toddler sink to the bottom of the pool.

“He’s trying to swim. He’s trying to get in a position to get upright. There’s a lot of people playing. I think he gets lost in the confusion,” Capt. Ron Taig said to WXYZ.

Source: Video shows drowning toddler saved by quick-thinking 9-year-old and her heroic godmother

VIDEO: Terrifying Moment shark knocks boy off surfboard in Florida – WATCH

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — A Florida boy has quite a story to tell after a shark knocked him off his surfboard over the holiday weekend.

Shaun Moore, the child’s father, posted a video on Twitter showing his son, 7-year-old Chandler Moore, riding waves off New Smyrna Beach on Nov. 30.

Without warning, a shark’s fin suddenly swipes the board, knocking Chandler off and into the water.

Source: VIDEO: Shark knocks Florida boy off surfboard

UNIMAGINABLE: hikers uses metal detector to find man’s missing wedding ring on 4,000-foot snow-covered mountain in New Hampshire – WATCH

Two days before the miraculous mountain discovery, Bill Giguere posted a desperate plea to a Facebook hiking group.

It was like finding a needle in a haystack, but the “haystack” was a 4,000-foot snow-covered mountain. Well, one man did, after a plea for help to find a missing wedding ring was put out on social media.

Bill Giguere’s gold band he had been wearing for three years was gone, lost on a New Hampshire mountain after a hike.

Source: Group of hikers uses metal detector to find man’s missing wedding ring on New Hampshire mountain

SO CUTE! WATCH Adorable girl can’t find goggles on top of her head

4-year-old Ava came out of the pool when she thought she lost her goggles, but she doesn’t realize they are already around her head.

Source: Adorable girl can’t find goggles on top of her head

SCARY!!! Playland “The Beast” breaks down mid-ride

It was a day to remember at Playland, but not for the right reasons after one of the rides broke down with people still on board.

Laura Ballance with Playland says The Beast broke down in what she describes as a parts issue, but she is happy in how the staff reacted.

I’m happy to say that our ride operations team did exactly what they were trained to do, which was to bring the ride to a slow stop, and the ride did what it was designed to do in coming to that gradual stop,” says Ballance.

Ride-goers heard a loud noise while the ride was running. Everyone was able to get off without injury.

Source: Playland attraction “The Beast” breaks down mid-ride

WATCH: Young woman catches terrifying MONSTER fish emerging from bottom of lake with her bare hands

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HERE’S THE VIDEO!! 🐋 – It’s hard to tell what all was happening because it was a deeper hole. The water was over my head (not saying much since I’m only 5ft tall) so @jeffbarron70 tied a rope around my waist just in case (safety first!). @charl3sfarm3r had the wire gate you see towards the end of the video blocking the hole to keep her from getting out when I would come up for air. Took me 3 times going down to grab her. She was so fast biting me, either biting the side of my arm or swallowing me up past my wrist every time, that it was hard to grab her. She was VERY aggressive to be such a big fish. When I finally got my arm between her gills and her gill plate, Charles moved the gate, and I STILL had a hard time getting her out of the hole. This is when I realized just how big she was. I remember being under water with her kicking to get to the top. Most of the fight was underwater where the video can’t show, then feeling Dad pull the rope when he knew I had the fish. @gavinr5 and @neal_carlton we’re standing on the structure, and Gavins laugh at the end is great 😂 it was a team effort getting her and me both in the boat since I wasn’t letting go! The video cut off right as I started screaming loud enough to rattle everyone’s windows in Illinois 😇 🎥: @blake.wollerman15 – I can’t thank y’all enough for having us out! Another year, another PB in Illinois! A YouTube video from the whole trip will be out SOON! I even have videos of getting bit and coming up the first 2 times laughing like a maniac 😂 – – – #GetBit #HoggOn #Noodling #Grabbling #HandFishing #Fishing #Flathead #Catfish

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A BIKINI-clad woman dived head-first into a murky lake – before emerging with a monster catfish hanging off her arm.

Hannah Barron, 23, made the huge catch on a hunting trip to Illinois – and shared a picture to her 530k Instagram followers.

One impressed Facebook user said: “What a huge fish, if one of those bites me I don’t know what I would do.”

Source: Woman catches terrifying monster fish emerging from bottom of lake with her bare hands