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Explore this 15th century castle in Ireland to see the most popular private room in Airbnb

The most-visited private room in Airbnb history is a 15th century castle in Ireland, the company recently revealed. While it’s been refurbished to accommodate 21st century guests, the medieval castle in Galway has lost none of its noble and historic charms.

Source: A 15th century castle in Ireland is the most popular private room in Airbnb history


Spend a night in the Louvre in a once-in-a-lifetime Airbnb

As the most-visited museum in the world , the Louvre can sometimes feel more like a chaotic market than an art-filled oasis. But later this month, a lucky winner will get an incredible chance to enjoy the museum in solitude. Spend time alone with the Mona Lisa. Read More …

Six of the best alternative hotel stays that will bring you closer to nature

From floating hotels to treetop hideaways and glass cabins to desert domes, the desire to vacation in boundary-pushing accommodation is a growing trend among travellers this year. If you’re looking for spaces that will leave their mark, these six hotels are just as impressive as the landscape that surrounds them. Read More …