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A vote for Bernie Sanders is just a vote for a different kind of cult

In 2016 I chose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, but this time around the political landscape is different.

Out of sight, out of mind. It’s easy to shirk responsibilities when that thing needing attention is thousands of miles away. Especially when there are issues here at home to tend to.

I can easily distract myself with Australia’s current events, or our local concerns in Collingwood, or the laundry piling up in my closet. And if I really want to worry myself sick, I’ll focus on the coronavirus and my eight-year-old daughter, and that petri dish of a school she goes to.

Source: A vote for Bernie Sanders is just a vote for a different kind of cult

WATCH: Bloomberg: Xi Jinping NOT a Dictator Because the Chinese People DON’T Want Elections

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday echoed claims he made about Xi Jinping in Tuesday night’s debate, refusing to say he’s a dictator and arguing the Chinese people don’t want democracy.

“If your definition is a democracy where people vote and pick their leaders, that is not what China’s about. And they don’t seem to want it. They like their system, and I think they’re wrong,” the former New York City mayor said during a CNN town hall.

“It’s a question of what is a dictator,” he said. “They don’t have a democracy in the sense that they have general elections. That is true. They do have a system where a small group of people appoint the head, and they turn over periodically.”

Source: Bloomberg: Xi Isn’t a Dictator Because the Chinese ‘Don’t Seem to Want’ Elections

VIDEO: President Trump congratulates Bernie Sanders on ‘great win’ in Nevada – WATCH Press Conference

President Donald Trump on Sunday congratulated Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on “a great win” in the Nevada caucuses, saying he hopes the Democratic presidential candidate is “treated fairly” during the nominating process.

“So I think it was a great win for Bernie Sanders. We’ll see how it all turns out. They’ve got a lot of winning to do,” Trump said. “I hope they treat him fairly.”

Speaking to reporters outside the White House before an official trip to India, Trump also said he hadn’t been briefed on Russian efforts to help Sanders’ presidential campaign as part of an effort to interfere with the Democratic contest, contradicting a White House official who previously told CNN that the President had been briefed on the matter.

Source: Trump congratulates Sanders on ‘great win’ in Nevada

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Rally in Colorado Springs

President Trump is drumming up support in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with a rally Thursday night, plowing through his four-day West Coast swing. He also rallied in Phoenix on Wednesday during the Democratic debate, and he’ll hold a third rally in Las Vegas on Friday.

Source: Watch live: Trump rallies supporters in Colorado Springs

VIDEO: Bloomberg to Trump: Donald, I do love you – WATCH

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg once told President Trump “yes, Donald, I do love you,” according to a resurfaced video clip from 2016.

Bloomberg, who is among the Democratic presidential candidates running to challenge Trump in November, was speaking at Oxford’s Saïd Business School about a month after the president was elected in November 2016.

The president told Bloomberg that he had seen his speech at the Democratic National Convention that July in Philadelphia in which Bloomberg was highly critical of Trump.

“But you really do love me, don’t ya?” Bloomberg recalled Trump asking him. “And I said, ‘Yes, Donald, I do love you, I just disagree with everything you’ve ever said.’”

Source: Bloomberg told Trump ‘yes, Donald, I do love you’ in resurfaced clip from 2016

WATCH LIVE: The 9th 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada

The ninth Democratic presidential debate is set for Wednesday in Las Vegas, and it will feature a new billionaire on the stage.

While Mike Bloomberg qualified to make the debate stage for the first time, Tom Steyer, the other billionaire in the race who’s been a frequent presence at the Democratic debates, did not.

The debate is the last before the Nevada caucuses on Saturday.

Six candidates qualified for the debate — former Vice President Joe Biden; former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg; Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana; Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.; Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.; Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

The event has five moderators — “NBC Nightly News” and “Dateline NBC” anchor Lester Holt; NBC News political director Chuck Todd, moderator of “Meet the Press”; NBC News chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson, host of “MSNBC Live”; Noticias Telemundo senior correspondent Vanessa Hauc; and Jon Ralston, editor of The Nevada Independent.

Source: LIVE STREAM: 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate in Las Vegas