Subway Employee Shoots Co-worker’s Mom Because Her Daughter Made Wrap instead of Sandwich for Customer

According to Palm Beach County sheriff’s investigators, Destin Garcia, 18, and a co-worker were at the Subway inside the Palm Springs, Florida, Walmart on Black Friday. Because of the crush, the Subway employees were allowed to make themselves a free sandwich — but the co-worker made a wrap, which was not allowed.

That angered Garcia, investigators say, and he told the co-worker she would have to pay the difference between the cost of the sandwich and the wrap — about a dollar. She walked away.

Authorities say Garcia drove to the co-worker’s home the next morning, where the co-worker’s mom told him to leave. Investigators say Garcia pushed the woman, causing her husband to come outside. The couple told investigators that Garcia pulled a handgun, told them “Do you think it’s a game?” and fired two shots near the woman’s feet, causing fragments of the blacktop to strike her.

Source: Florida Subway Employee Fires Shots in Dispute Over Wrap: Deputies

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