Shocking VIDEO: Police officers Kill Innocent David Ward by Mashing his Head, Taser Him to Death in Sonoma County – WATCH

SANTA ROSA (CBS SF) — A stunning video recorded on a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy’s bodycam was released Friday of a fatal confrontation with David Ward, who was brutally ripped out of his vehicle last month when he was mistaken for a car thief and died after being choked during his apprehension.

Blount then grabs Ward’s arm and begins to tug him out of the vehicle through the driver’s side window. But Ward’s leg is struck under the steering wheel as he cries out in agony. Blount and a Sebastopol officer continue to attempt to pull the struggling Ward through the window. Ward then bits the deputy and is Tasered by another deputy.

Blount slams Ward’s head against the door jam and begins to choke him until Ward goes limp. The deputies and officers then pull Ward’s limp body out of the open passenger side door.

He is placed on the ground, handcuffed and then the deputies and officers notice he is unconscious and not breathing. They attempt CPR. While not on the video, their attempts to revive him are unsuccessful. Ward dies at the scene.

Source: Stunning Video Released Of David Ward’s Deadly Confrontation With Sonoma County Deputy

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