Shocking VIDEO: Horrifying moment angry groom loses it during cake cutting ceremony, destroys his wedding – WATCH

A Facebook video shows a man completely losing it during a botched cake cutting ceremony at his and wife’s wedding reception, leaving guests and his new bride horrified.

The clip opens with the groom and bride cutting the cake. The groom is visibly irritable as he forcefully and unenthusiastically guides his wife’s hand to cut a slice. But rather than finishing the ceremony by taking out the slice to feed his wife a piece a cake, as is tradition, he instead throws the knife on the table.

Things took a turn a for the worse, however, when the groom suddenly snatched a bottle of champagne from a guest’s hands and wildly shook the beverage before he smashed it onto the ground. Unleashed, the groom explodes and kicks the wedding cake.

Source: Angry groom loses it during wedding cake cutting ceremony, leaving guests and bride horrified

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