Serial Killer Robyn Lindholm Has Her ‘Best Orgasm’ While Slitting Guy’s Throat and Gets Covered in Warm Blood

A SEX-mad “black widow” who seduced men and then killed them has been found guilty of the murder of another lover. Former stripper Robyn Lindholm, 46, who was already serving a 25-year jail term for the 2013 murder of gym owner Wayne Amey has now been found guilty of murdering her lover George Templeton who disappeared in May 2005.

… The jury heard how she had bragged to a fellow prisoner: “I slit his f***ing throat and as he came it was the best orgasm I ever had”, adding she got covered in warm blood.

Source: Sex-crazed ‘black widow’ nymphomaniac bewitched men then murdered them… slitting one man’s throat while having an orgasm

Source: Femme fatale known as the ‘Black Widow’ is found guilty of murdering her ex-fiance – as the extraordinary story of how she used her body and rampant sexual desires to convince men to KILL for her can be revealed


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