‘RACIST’ to say ‘Eskimo’: 2 Canadian men lost jobs – WATCH

The two men at the centre of a storm of controversy related to their racist behaviour aboard a flight this week are offering public apologies to the Indigenous people of Labrador and their families.

Dave Beck and Thomas Scott are both from St. John’s, and have worked for many years as plasterers and painters.

They were already intoxicated when they boarded the flight in Churchill Falls, and continued to drink beer purchased on the flight as it made its way to St. John’s.

As passengers boarded the flight during a stopover in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Beck used the derogatory term “Eskimo” to describe an Indigenous person, prompting Scott to remark, “Can you smell him?”

And Kankote followed up with a statement saying Beck and Scott had been fired.

Source: ‘My family is ashamed of me’: Men apologize for racist remarks aboard Labrador flight

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  1. Canada is a socialist state. Freedom of speech does not exist there. Here in the USA, the 1st Amendment protects our G-d given right to speak whatever we want — no matter how ignorant it may be. The PROBLEM is when violence occurs as a result of people hating one another over political or religious views or ethnicity. THAT is where the actual crime lies.

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