Prince Harry might need more education to settle down in Canada

Prince Harry may have to go back to school if he wants to settle down in Canada with his family. The Duke of Sussex has just touched down in Vancouver to begin a new chapter outside of the royal household, but speculation is already mounting about how, exactly, he plans to do that.

Meghan and Harry have not said how long they plan to stay in Canada with their son Archie, but if they decide to stay there for good, they will have to apply for permanent residency. Despite being one of the most famous men in the world, this will be easier said than done for the Prince.

Canadian lawyer Mario Bellissimo says the Duke’s age, 35, past work experience, and the fact he did not go to university, will all ‘weigh heavily against him’ if he goes through the immigration application process.

Source: Prince Harry’s lack of education could prevent him moving to Canada

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