President Trump Is Hunting Down The Whistleblower on Ukraine – WATCH =>

TRUMP: “We’re trying to find out about a whistleblower. We have a whistleblower that reports things that were incorrect. As you know, and you probably now have figured it out, the statement I made to the president of Ukraine, a good man, a nice man, knew was perfect and is perfect. But the whistleblower reported a totally different statement. Like, the statement was not even made. I guess statement you could say with call. I made a call. The call was perfect. When the whistleblower reported it, he made it sound terrible. And then you had Adam Schiff who, even worse, made up my words, which I think is just horrible, I have never seen a thing like that. Adam Schiff, representative, congressman, made up what I said. He actually took words and made it up.”


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