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Below you will find a list of questions frequently asked of the Land Planning and Engineering Departments. These FAQs are meant to be a guide and are currently under construction. If your questions are not answered below, or if you require more specific information, please contact the Big Horn County Land Planning Department or Engineering Department. We recommend that you before commencing with any development projects e. Do I need permission to develop an access road to my property from a county road? If there is an existing, in-use access you should check with the Engineering Department.

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Where can I get fingerprinted?

However, it is a low priority request, and may not be responded to up to and sometimes beyond 72 hours. Home Privacy Policy Site Map. Can a deputy or officer come unlock my vehicle for me? VIN Checks Can a deputy come to my house for a vin check?

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Someone has hit a deer, it is still alive, can I dispatch the deer? Essentially, a protection order prohibits an individual from an action that is likely to cause harm; usually, a protection order prevents any contact or communication between two or more people.

All Rights Reserved. Sometimes your job or participation in a group or activity requires that you be fingerprinted.

Options include: Nearest humane shelters are Cody, Powell, and Worland. Unless someone is trapped inside the vehicle, we do not provide lockout services, I can give the information for a locksmith or tow company.

Just send help! Why are you asking so many questions?! We have people headed your way, I need to keep you on the line to make sure my deputies and officers have the most up to date and accurate information regarding this incident.

A criminal case is brought by the local, state or federal government in response to a suspected violation of law and seeks a fine, a jail sentence or both. Release the dog back where you found it. Miscellaneous FAQ's What is a charge?

How long can I legally drive a vehicle, after purchasing it, before I have to register it? Can you tell me who this vehicle belongs to?!

Being charged does not necessarily indicate guilt; only a court can make that decision. We need to ask, re-ask, and re-ask again some questions to make sure our deputies and officers are safe. Or adopt the animal, and we'll call if someone calls in looking for it.

Website Deed by Waves Web De. Sheriff Big Horn County. Civil cases are generally brought by private individuals or corporations seeking to collect money owed or monetary damages.

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What do I do if I get a ticket? Bring a Photo ID 2. If Time allows, depending on other activities going on in the county, Yes, a Deputy can come to your house to do a Vin Check. We can investigate and if it is on your property, we can have it towed.

Under normal circumstances we do not give out cell s, nor personal s. As schedules are ever changing, we do not give out schedule information. No So what do I do with it?

A charge is an accusation that a crime has been committed and is the starting point for the criminal justice system. We can not give out that information.

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No, only law enforcement may do so. He will set up a time when you can get your prints done on weekdays between A. And P. How do I obtain a copy of an arrest record, a background check, an event report or a call for service report? Some information requests cannot be honored due to state statute. Deputies phone s and schedules Under normal circumstances we do not give out cell s, nor personal s.