9 unusual attractions in Toronto

Check out the city of Toronto’s most unusual attractions on your next visit.

Toronto attractions are as eclectic as the city’s diverse residents, meaning there’s always something for everyone to see and enjoy. If you’re looking to wander off the beaten path your next trip to Toronto, check out our favourite unusual attractions to indulge all your senses! Continue at Source: Unusual attractions in Toronto


10 Travel Movies Will Get You Off The Couch

Get up and go with these movies about boundary-breakers, jet-setters, and adventurers.

Travel: It’s one long photo opp. Sometimes it seems that all the good travel movies have migrated to Instagram Stories. But, hyper-saturated photos of influencers lounging in the South of France is only one kind of trip, while movies often show another type. The rough ‘n’ tumble, emotional awakening kind. Continue at Source: These Travel Movies Will Get You Off The Couch

How to traveled in Bali on just $25 a day

I traveled around one of Indonesia’s most expensive islands while sticking to a very tight budget. Here’s how you can, too.

Bali is often perceived as a beyond-bourgeois destination — a land of expansive resorts and expensive bills, a place where only the rich can enjoy the beaches and beautiful temples.

But I’m here to tell you that Bali can be done on a budget — and a budget of just $25 per day. Continue at Source: Here’s how I traveled in Bali on $25 a day

Take a deep dive into the Alaskan wilderness without the crowds

Say the words “Alaskan cruise,” and visions of oversized ships hauling hordes of tourists instantly come to mind. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Kruzof has kayaks available for daily excursions. Image by Alaskan Dream Cruises As the state’s only Alaska Native-owned small-ship cruise line, Alaskan Dream Cruises offers an angle the big guns don’t, traveling through lesser-trafficked waters with far fewer passengers than your average liner. Continue at Source: Take a deep dive into the Alaskan wilderness without the crowds

15 of The Best Places To Eat And Drink In Wimbledon

Restaurants, pubs, cafes and bars in SW19.

Whether you live or work nearby, or are just visiting the area, we’ve found some of the best places to eat and drink in Wimbledon. It’s a spread out beast, covering four stations (Wimbledon, Wimbledon South, Wimbledon Park and Wimbledon Chase) plus a common and a village, so we’ve found restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs from all corners of SW19, and a bit beyond. Continue at Source: Where To Eat And Drink In Wimbledon

10 Summer Music Festivals You’ve Never Heard Of (But Need To See This Year)

Summer music festivals are the best way to spend the season. You’ve heard of Coachella but here are 10 you’ve never heard of but need to see this year

Summer can’t be passed by without attending some stellar summer music festivals. With rockin’ tunes from some of your favorite artists in a cool party environment, music festivals are some of the most popular go-to destinations when the weather heats up. You’ve probably heard of the really popular ones like Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Woodstock, but there are actually tons more! Continue at Source: 10 Summer Music Festivals You’ve Never Heard Of (But Need To See This Year)