OMG! Man lets wife hide his body in freezer for 11 years so she can receive social benefits until she dies – WATCH

TOOELE, Utah — Police in Utah are getting closer to solving the case of a man found dead in a freezer for more than 10 years . Officers found Paul Mathers shortly after his wife died of natural causes in her Tooele retirement community.

Investigators believe Jeanne Souron-Mathers, 75, left her husband dead in the freezer between February 4, 2009, and March 8, 2009. They found his body along with a notarized letter signed by Paul Mathers stating his wife did not kill him.

The investigation is still ongoing, and detectives have not ruled out homicide. The notarized letter has raised questions as to whether the couple planned to keep Mathers’ death a secret so his wife could continue receiving his government benefits.

“I think he died and she kept him so she didn’t have to turn in his social security,” said James Kite, who lives in the retirement community. “It’s been crazy. I’ve never seen anything like what’s been going on here.”

Source: Man found dead in a freezer for 10 years may have planned to keep death a secret to help his wife

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