NO FEAR! WATCH: Hong Kong Students ‘Boycott for Freedom’ after China Warns ‘End is coming’ to Protesters

School and university students call for democracy after weekend of violent clashes

Thousands of students wearing helmets, goggles and masks – the unofficial uniform of the protests – filled the grounds of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), holding black banners saying, “Boycott for freedom” and periodically shouting, “Reclaim Hong Kong”.

“If you are not a slave, don’t act like one,” said one speaker, a woman introduced only by her surname Chiu, from an alumni group, who urged students to continue to fight for their freedoms. A stage behind her featured part of a saying by Mao Zedong: “A single spark can start a prairie fire.”

“We should not give up, whatever happens,” said Brian Cheung, 16, who has been protesting throughout the summer and came out to support the boycott.

Source: Hong Kong students boycott classes as Chinese media warns ‘end is coming’


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