New VIDEO: Moment grandfather lets 18-month-old baby falling to concrete from cruise ship – WATCH

Salvatore Anello dropped his granddaughter Chloe Wiegand from a Royal Caribbean ship on July 7 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He faces three years in jail if he’s found guilty of negligent homicide.

  • Video footage shows the moment Salvatore Anello dropped Chloe Wiegand, 18 months, from a Royal Caribbean ship on July 7 in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • The IT worker slumps to the ground in shock and horror as he watches his little granddaughter fall to her death after lifting her up to see out of a window 
  • Anello was charged with negligent homicide and if found guilty, he faces three years in prison 
  • Prosecutors offered him a plea deal on Tuesday, which he would have to admit guilt to receive no jail time, minimum probation and minimum supervision
  • Anello has said he didn’t realize the window Chloe ‘slipped’ through was open 
  • Last month, Anello claimed he didn’t realize there wasn’t any glass in the window pane because he is colorblind 
  • His lawyers said on Tuesday they plan to present Anello’s medical records and evidence on his health status, also indicating they would want a trial by jury
  • previously revealed the last photo of Chloe moments before her death, standing beside a kids’ splash pool wearing a pink swimming costume 

Source: Video shows grandfather dropping toddler to her death from cruise ship window

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