Mostafa Hussaini posts racist YouTube videos of Burning Black, Killing White arrested by FBI in Florida – WATCH

DAVIE, Fla. – In front of the Nova Southeastern University’s Rose and Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Center and inside the Alvin Sherman Library, a man identified as Mostafa A. Hussaini video tapes himself then uploads his racial slurs and rants onto YouTube.

“Imagine burning a black person, because I don’t like blacks. I don’t know any black. I, I cannot even name any blacks. I don’t know any black people. This gasoline, imagine burning some black solders they are going to look very blacik. I can burn thousands and millions of them.”

More of his alleged hate Vlogs talked about killing animals, blonde people, European people, “all brown hair people and hairy people of any race.”

Source: Man posts threatening YouTube videos with NSU in background

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