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I am not seeking just to hook up so don't bother if that's all you want. You are kinda short in stature,long dark brown hair early 20s,with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.

Married Wife Want Casual Sex Salt Lake City

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My age: 29

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I am done being denied. I am done being above anything in myself.

Who among you stands proud against my claims that none of you can touch my heart? What obstacles are in my? I dare you to try. No, much better to disregard such small minded woes. I am done denying myself. I have wasted too much of life worrying over my imagined soul. There is nothing in this world aside from the pursuit of one's desires.

Useless and futile. Maybe next time I will have the nerve to say something. How will I get it? About : Today at a store on Burnet w4m I came in to the store, where you work, today. I am quite obviously feeling the strain of. Without my desire to worship women, who the fuck am I? Who cares?

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I am done pretending to be above my desires. I have chosen instead to find answers to other questions.

Not I. Wondering who I am is a waste of time. It holds no further interest for me. I was shocked to realize that what I want is power. I want to dominate I will not foolishly claim to have garnered some great wisdom from this realization or to have some right to it's pursuit. So that I might be a "good guy"? I will blows down upon the universe mercilessly until it relents and is forged into my vision; or I will perish in the attempt.

So, that presents the question again: Where does this leave me? What then, am I to do? Some would be tempted to tell me how this notion is dangerous, and that it will bring me no happiness To these I would say: Save it. I am done with courtesy. I know that there is also no shortage of women who would enjoy receiving the dominate nature I intend to unleash.

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Thanks for your help. Useless endeavors both, as neither heroes villains actually exist.

About : To any woman who thinks she is woman enough I can't stand this anymore. Better to clearly identify what my desires are and after them with all the effort of my being, regardless of meaningless labels such as or villain, right or wrong. Gone, never to return. I no longer care. I have played that game.

And why? Your eyes were so sweet and your smile took my breath away! I had a friend with me and we asked you for help. Trying in vain to instead become a.

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I have been putting forth effort to clearly identify what it is that drives me. I just wanted to say that you are incredibly good looking! I do not care what the costs are, I do not lament the selling of my "soul", I no longer posses the desire to give of myself unto others.

All else is fantasy.

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About : thick ladies m4w friday finally got here, looking to kick back and enjoy the next few days off hopefully with a nice female who likes to laugh and have a good time, drink and friendly please reply back with your picture race not an issue Cuddle buddy needed for nsa fun. I will not deny that I have no will to fulfill another woman in the way that most women think they desire, but neither will I waste time denying my desire for women. Well, what I mean to do is to keep my desires in their proper place I mean to take what I need from women, headless of their cliched "needs" of some imagined prince charming.

The soul is a pitiful and stupid thing beyond saving seeing as it is a figment of the mind. So that I could be thought of as a "catch"? I am done with subtlety. These questions are more meaningful to me now. The answers will come, or they will not. I shall shameless pursue my own satisfaction and the women I am with will find satisfaction in satisfying me, or they will find none at all. Housewives want casual sex Renault Illinois Desperately seeking couldnt find good-name.

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Dominion even. I simply do not care anymore. I know there are more than a few of you who would think to fix me. I noticed you weren't wearing a ring. I can't imagine you are single. What my heart desires.

This is my new reality. Part of the problem is self-induced, as I fully intend to leave the recently vacated role of ificant other unfilled. All else is delusion.

I will my ends or I will die, by whatever means I necessary. It matters little. No one shall ever be allowed to be so close to me ever again. I know I will be back to your store again. Fearful of becoming a villain. The me who tried to fix the world by being open to it The me who was nice, considerate, compassionate, and humbly submissive Just like her, the last one to truly interact with the old me.

So, where does this leave me?

All my life I have resisted the impulse to dominate, I have resisted my very nature. I am done with asking. I am fully aware of how "damaging" it will be to wall myself up in the way I intend The old me is. Looking for a woman in her 60s or older.

What do I want? I've seen enough I am done searching for answers in this area.