Man Shoots Woman by Shotgun Multiple Times, Kills Her for Honking Him to Hurry Up – Minnesota 

On January 1st, the Roseau County Sheriff’s Department responded to a shooting at 27899 County Road #4 near Badger, MN.

Investigators say that 57-year-old Angelo Oluf Borreson told a 911 operator and also a responding officer that he “had shot her.”

When investigators walked up to the van, they say they found Angela Wynne’s body inside.

Borreson told investigators that Wynne came to his house to help him get gas for his car that morning. Court documents indicate that Borreson was not ready to leave the house when Wynne showed up. Borreson told investigators that Wynne was yelling at him to hurry up.

Borreson told investigators that he grabbed a loaded shotgun, went outside and pointed the gun at Wynne because he wanted her to leave.

Borreson admitted that he fired into the driver’s side window of the car, knew he had hit Wynne and walked into the house to call 911.

An autopsy determined that Wynne died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds.

Source: Roseau County man officially charged in shooting death of Badger woman

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