Man mows down robber with car, beating him up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin – [VIDEO]

WISN 12 News spoke to the man, Calmonta Harris, who chased after the robber.

Harris said he was there getting gas and his sister was working inside the Speedway when it happened. He said his sister ran out screaming and crying.

“[My sister] said, ‘Brother, brother, the man just robbed me. The man just robbed me.’ I said, ‘What man?’ She said, ‘The man right there,'” Harris said. “The man was running across the street, so I got in my car and chased him.”

The video shows Harris hit the man with his car.

Harris then gets out of the car, beats the man with his fists and drags him. The video shows Harris then go back to his car, pull out a tool, and strike the robber with it, all while demanding to see the robber’s gun he implied he had.

WATCH THE VIDEO at Source: Customer takes down gas station robber by hitting him with car, beating him up

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