Man kills coyote with bare hands as it grabs his 2-year-old son – WATCH

A man killed a coyote with his bare hands Monday after the animal threatened his child on a hiking trail in Exeter, officials said.

The attack was one of three coyote-related incidents reported in the area Monday.

Ian O’Reilly said he, his wife and their three children were taking a walk on an Exeter trail when the animal came up and grabbed his 2-year-old son by the jacket, pulling the boy to the ground.

O’Reilly and his wife managed to separate the coyote from their son. O’Reilly said he tried kicking it and getting it to run off, but it wouldn’t. He was bitten on his chest and forearm but managed to get on top of the animal and cut off its air supply.

Source: Dad kills coyote with bare hands after animal threatens child, police say

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