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Turks girl Looking for my tanned queen friend for phish

Because tanning beds and too much exposure to the sun causes skin cancer! The evidence is out there. This is a safer and better alternative.

Looking For My Tanned Queen

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Student Discounts!!! Book Now! We are proud to say that we offer the best spray tan in Ohio. We create a custom airbrush tan blend for each one of our clients, because you are unique! Once we have the perfect blend created for you, we apply it in our minute appointment. You'll be a lady of sun in no time!

My age: 47

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Girls often fake tan far too much with the intenton of looking more tanned and beautiful than they actually are, but take it too far and end up looking more like they've been doused in gravy. May 31 trending 1.

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A girl who uses fake tan far too much, and takes it way too seriously. Dog shot 9.

The phrase "she looks like she's been tangoed! Ghetto Spread 3. Ahh, Bisto.

May 31 Word of the Day. Exclamation used to express exasperation or disgust. You'd swear she'd been Tangoed! Top definition.

Tan Queen. That Tan Queen is San Tropez to the max!