IT’S WEIRD, Billie Eilish: Stupid Trump will be reelected, because some people just love horrible people

Grammy-nominated pop star Billie Eilish, 17, is researching Democratic nominees for her first election but is heartbroken Trump might be reelected.

“I’m going to do all my research. I don’t know what the right thing is, but I think it’s so funny when a lot of adults think that they know what’s right,” the “Bad Guy” singer said in an interview for The Times’ Grammy Awards issue of the Envelope.

“I’m pretty worried about [2020],” she added. “I think stupid Trump is probably going to get reelected, and that makes my heart break. You know, some people just love horrible people. It’s weird.”

Source: Billie Eilish thinks Trump will be reelected, but he won’t get her vote

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